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I'm a fairly honest person, I believe in white lies when i think they are needed. I have two God children that I treat as my own. I'm fairly opened minded person, there are very few things that I disagree with, and i try to understand your angle if i disagree with you. I don't do drama and politics. I tend to keep to myself and keep my mouth closed unless someone asks me what i think. I have dark, dry, sarcastic humor. I'm 19. I believe in manners. I have this hatred for talking on the phone and texting. They both suck, but i still have to use them. I hate when people do one or both (phone calls and texting) while driving,I wanna blitzkrieg that persons car. I listen to all kinds of music.I think VD can be caught using public restrooms. I'm a gamer. I play volleyball. I don't tan, i stay my color year round. I love when people write in proper english. I don't speak spanish. I'm a funny person. I have certain irrational irritations and fears. I can stay up for days on end, cuz i have insomnia. I'm a huge underachiever. I don't care for much. I say comments that apparently @$$hole-ish so I'm an @$$hole and I don't mind it at all. I'm kinda shallow i have a few physical requirements in dating (ex. good teeth) I'm an organized mess...i know where everything is when its a crap hole, but I can't find nothing when I clean. I have crap memory so don't personal if i forget your name. I don't have an attention span (took me 3 hours to do this much) don't know what else to say about me...oh well.

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    Some College Coursework Completed

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    Restaurant and Food Service

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    Puerto Rican

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2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...