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    February 21, 2004

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    MaRanda H....

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    Administrative and Support Services

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    Chicago, IL

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    Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino

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    Dominican, Other

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Dat Gansta Mami`s Page!!

Q LO Q HAY MIGENTE? Nah i jus really wanted 2 do my whole page ova andi really don`t kno wut da fuk 2 say, imma jus speak my muahfukn mind.

Da Discript

Pues, a lil bit about me. i'm currently not in school, but i do work. Mostly if i'm not working, i'm chillin wit my man or my gurl. I love music, Soy una reggaetonera, YA TU SABES COMO VA! I also love bachata, merengue, salsa, rap, hip-hop (THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!), pop...pretty much anything, If it sounds good, den hey i can't complain. I love my man, he's my everything, i couldn't imagine myself witout him. I'm his Diamond Girl. Um, I love to cook... i can get down, that wut happens when u'r mixed, lol. I also love to dance. I smoke n drink sometimes, i don't over do it. But um, if u wanna kno anything else, hit me up, aight? TATO!

Shout Outz!!

YASMEENEA(mi hermana/godma)-Man, what would i have done without you?Thank you for always being there for me, and understanding me when no one else would. I don`t even look at you as my sister, i look at you like my other half, because we go thru da same thing..but i`ll alwayz love ya.

ASHLEY-damn, i don`t even kno where 2 begin. U my nigga 2! dez past 4 yrs have been an aventura. Iz sad tho.. i`m black ur mexican n i still speak more spanish den u, but i still luv ya! i got yo back! I PROMISE!

MIGUEL- omg! i don`t even kno wua da fuk 2 say 2 u! u r my brotha from a mexican motha! lol um, gl in skoo n shyt but u n i share a lot n even tho dats bad, but i still luv u.

KATHY(mi filipina)- Damn, its been krazy girl! you're a bad influence on me, u really are, lol. Damn not once can i say u ain't had my back. Cuz u have. N wen we go back to Michigan, its on n poppin! lol. but yeah u kno it semmed lyk da more u snuck out da crib da closer we got, lol. but i luv u like u were my own blood.

VERRONE(a.k.a VDUB)-Damn i don`t even kno where 2 start. U`ve been here for me @ Baker, and i really appreciate you. U`r like da big brother i neva had, but cuter, lol. I really learned alot from u in the time that i`ve been here, u taught me to jus b me, ya kno, n i luv u for dat. Madd respect B

MY BABY AMAYYAH-Wow just 6 year ago u were born, n now u`r my grown a$$ sobrina. how time flys...u kno i wud give u da world if it cud fit under the christmas tree, lol.

MY NEW BABY MARLEY- more money outta my pocket. its wierd now to have 2 nieces. i'll love u no matter what, and u and AMYYAH gotta share, lol.





AMANDA (my baby mama, lol)




What I Like In A Guy

*i like a guy who is educated, because i am and i like to have indepth conversations sometimes.

*someone who can make me laugh. i love to laugh, that is one way to my heart,

* definitly a guy who is taller, no offense to the little ones, but i like to be on my tipy toes... atleast 5'10" boys...

* of course, a guy who i can trust and confide in. if u can`t trust him, y be with him?

* a guy that is secure enough to wear pink, lol j/k unless u do wear pink, but not more than me.lol

* i love it when a guy can speak spanish, but if u can`t oh well, rt?

*a guy who is family oriented. i love to see a guy interact with his family. its real nice and rare

* oh! how can i forget! a man who can take care of his responsiblities. i think its sad for a guy to have a baby and not take care of his, that`s not being a man at all. it`s kinda sad and pathetic. i have no problem dating a man with kids, but if he doesn`t take care of them, i`m all good, ya kno?

*i really can`t forget a guy with a very healthy sexual appetite. i definately need a guy who can take what i give him and how much i give him. stamina is a plus, but as long as u satisfy my needs, iz all good.

*basically a guy who can respect me for me and respect himself as well as others, just a guy who has his head on straight and knows what he wants out of life, how, when and where he wants it.i`m so sick of men thinkin they can play a female, i kno all the tricks of the trade, trust me. liars need not apply!

What I Don`t Like In A Guy

* guys who front, and don`t really have any goals in life

*concieted, kocky, whatever word u wanna use

*guys who never spend time with their signifcant other, dats what makes a girl cheat...no not really being a ho makes a girl cheat, lol

*a mama`s boy, if i can live w/o my mama, well um yeah dats says it all

*i hate ignorance, have some knowledge about somethin ya kno?

*if i remember anything else, i`ll holla



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