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Met May 2005, Linden, NJ Posted

I met the love of my life on!!!!
It all started with a note i deleted ( like i did to most )...back in June of 2005. A few weeks lated i recognized the name and decided to see what they had to say. He sounded intriguing and what i liked most was his vocabulary....not the typical 'hey shorty' or so on. We started talking and felt a connection so we decided to meet....not for anything serious....or so we Since day one we were inseperable. Being that it was the summer, we took it as only that....a summer big deal, right? Well as time passed we started realizing that we just didnt want to be away from each other. When we were together our time would be wonderful. We spent our days joking around, relaxing, and enjoying life. He became my best friend, my everything. He was always there if I needed someone to talk to, someone to hold or just someone to lean on. Its rare to find someone you know you can count on no matter what. I have found my other half, my soulmate...I thank GOD for that but I also have to thank because without your site we would've most likely never met and have missed out on this wonderful thing! I LOVE YOU JOHNNY XOXOXO I am the person I am today because of you!!! TE AMO!!! MUAHZ

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