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Met March 2003, Yonkers, NY Posted

On my seventh day in Migente I came across a name that caught my eye in a member search. I went on her page and notice that she wrote "below are some pictures of my god daughter and myself" but the pictures weren't showing. So I sent her a note to let her know that her pictures weren't showing. She replied back to say thanks. I noticed that her picture was showing and it took my breath away. We started wrtiting notes to each other getting to know each other and we realized that we had so much in common. The type of music we like, the movies we like and we agreed on a lot of issues. It was a lot of fun, we even had our little inside jokes. lol After a month of writing we wanted to meet each other and go out to dinner or movies. I was kind of skeptical because at the time I didn't have my picture on my page and I wanted her to see my picture before we met. That didn't matter to her and I was really flattered and amazed that she really liked me for me! To make a long story short, we met in person and we fell madly in love and two years later I proposed to her on Christmas Eve at Rockefeller Center and she accepted and made me the happiest man in the world! We got married in 2006 and I Love her with all my heart & Soul.
I believe things happen for a reason, so it wasn't no coincidence that her name came up in my member search. We are made for each other and thanks to Migente we found each other.

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