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Met December 2005, Schenectady, NY Posted

Well it was funny at first, he was the one who sent me a note, but he didnt have a pic. Back then I had a thing for that, so i took couple days to reply. So when I logged in, I got another note from him, begging me to give him a chance to get to know him. So i did.

We exchanged screen names, and it was just a friendship over chat, then it became a phone kinda thing, cuz i was in Upstate, and he was in the Bronx, but the first time we chatted I was in the City. But I didnt call him 'til i went back to Upstate. He thought I would've never call him. Well I did......then it became an almost everyday phone conversations.

Then the desperate feeling of meeting in person was growing stonger, so finally after 2 months of just talkin over the phone I went back to the City to visit. I told him, and we met at my brother's house. Since day one, when we personally met........I knew he was the one. So then I had to go back Upstate and it was awful bcuz i missed him so much. I was planning to move to the city to be closer. Instead he came upstate to se if he liked it.....He didnt, thats when his brother calls him saying he has a job for him in a worse place called 'Binghamton' he takes the risk n goes n to make the story short..........I came w/ him a month after. And it has been 8 months together 2 months engaged (Yes, he proposed to me) and 1yr of knowing each other. But it feels like an eternity.

He's the love of my life thankx to MiGente.


He's the love of my life thankx to MiGente.


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Female, 30, Stratford, CT

Posted March 26, 2007

congraulations u guy that is such a beautiful thing.


Female, Age Private, Charlotte, NC

Posted March 30, 2007

congratulations to you both!!!!