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Met August 2005, Hazleton, PA Posted

Hello mi gente i want to thank you for been here.....

I had just came back from Florida finally got corauge to leave a long abusive realtionship of many years.

My best friend kept bugging me about opening a page here but I wasnt ready for it, i just didnt want to deal with the " hey mamy , u looking good " stuff, lol, one night i was off from work and I was feeling a lil lonely so I got on the computer and decided to try this migente site. All i did was pour my heart out and just wrote how i was feeling and and a lil of me, no pics very simple just left it like that. Well 2 days later i had 3 notes one was him, i liked what he replied cus I knew that he read my words......

Of couse I went to check his page and i like what i saw, his pic caught my attention. We kept writing to each other, and it was fustrating, we kept missing each other. We had diferent schedules, so he asked me for my yahoo IM. All this time he never ask me for a pic till after a few weeks of talkng so i finally send it to him. He wrote me the nicest email ever "that i still have", He wanted to hear my voice but i was a lil scare to give him my phone you know so he said i will give you mine.......... one day i got filled with courage and called, to my surprise his mom answer the phone. I didnt know what to say so I asked if he was home, but he wasnt so I told his mom to tell him that i called. He called me 2 days later and it was so exiting to hear his voice for the first time, I was so exited but lil scared at the same time. We spoke for a while and shared a lot of things one of them was that he also had went throught a bad realtionship. We had a lot of things in common, well after that he asked me when could he call me again I told him when ever he had time. Oh my God we used to spend entire nites talking on the dont worry we both had cingular Then one day he asked the question,"CAN I COME TO MEET YOU" and i was so happy, so i said yes you can come this weekend wich was my moms bday, (September 2005) so he said ok. Boy let me tell you everythig that could of happen happened to him and he missed the bus it was a mess . He finally made it to my town and i went to meet him at the bus stop and well, he used to come see me everyother weekend ...... It didnt take us long to realize that we wanted to be together, We have been togehter ever since, we have a nice lil family, i can see myself growing old with him.............

Thank you migente for bringing us together, and thanks to my best friend for pushing me to open a page here at migente

God Bless all of you that still belive in love out there .
Love is real , and it gave me and him a second chance to love and be loved.

muaaaaaaaaaaad him a second chance to love and be loved.


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Male, 34, Far Rockaway, NY

Posted April 08, 2007

i wish i can have a love story like dat.but now an days love really doesnt exist anymore...i wish you 2 guys luck for your future and continue to make the love are lucky that you got love in your life.


Male, 48, Staten Island, NY

Posted April 22, 2007

Wow,God bless you both & in do time my search will go on,thank you both very inspiring.