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Met December 2005, New York, NY Posted

First of all, I just want to thank migente because if they did not exist, and had I not been online that day, I would have missed out on the best thing that ever happened to me. I was actually the one who first sent a message to my girlfriend Paula, of a whole year coming this valentines day (I LOVE YOU BABY).

I was really liking her style and the vibe that I was getting from her page, I just had to say something. Thankfully she replied, and we remained in touch for months through migente. I quickly learned that she lived in Sweden, and me all the way here in New York. The funny thing is, there was never any intention of hooking up, every conversation was pure and just friendly, and I think that was the key for us. When I learned she would be coming to New York, me not wanting to be rude but I was too shy to ask to meet up, but thankfully she asked me.

When I first saw her, I knew right then and there, she was going to be something special. 3 weeks later, on Valentines day, I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she of course said yes. The sad part is she eventually had to go back to Sweden. This was in June 2006. Today is February 2007, and we are still together, and more in Love then anybody can even imagine. I saw her for 10 magical days in Sweden during New Years, and it was so beautiful being together again.

The hardest thing in the world was having to leave her and come back to New York. But we know that we are a great team, and nothing in this world, not even the Atlantic Ocean, can come in between this indescribable love that we share. Baby there really are no words to describe what you mean to me, the day you came into my life was the day my life really began. Thank you baby, and thank you migente for making this possible.

Oh and of course thats not it, what did you think we would leave it like that? Well my girlfriend is coming to New York to study here this summer, and we are going to be living together. I can't wait to share all my days with you baby, I love you and I miss you. SHAKE AND BAKE!

Thanks amor, you describe everything perfectly.
Ofcourse I gotta thank migente to make this wonderful love possible.
Me in Sweden getting to know such a wondeful person as my boyfriend through
I cant not forget our first date. He came to pick me up I gotta admit that I was a bit nervous but at the same time excited.

That night was beautiful, I love the way he is, I love the way he talks, I love the way he treats me, I love the way he looks, I love the way he loves me, I love the way that his real. And its also real that I have the best boyfriend I ever could imagine and I love him so much.. we are the best team ever.. Shake n' Bake!!

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Female, 37, Chicago, IL

Posted March 03, 2007

I just wanted to say that I am so happy for the love that you two have found together. I got a little emotional when you said how you felt when you would have to leave each other after a few weeks of being together every day. That is how me and my husband felt whenever we had to part. And I thought that we had a long distance relationship but your's takes the cake. New York to Sweden is VERY long distance but I am happy that you found a way to make it work. Good Luck.


Female, Age Private, Bronx, NY

Posted March 05, 2007

This is absolutely WONDERFUL! I experienced something just the same. I met someone over the net several years back. What brought us together was a common, salsa to be specific. He's a musician and I'm a singer. We spoke every single day over the phone...religiously. We became the very best of friends and there really wasn't and still isn't anything under the sun we can't or haven't told to one another.

We planned on him coming to Chicago (where I lived at the time) during spring, you know, just to hang out. On Valentines weekend that year, he was flying back to his home in Jersey from a performance he had in Texas but got stuck in Chicago for a couple of days due to a snow storm on the east. Immediately he called me. I WAS SOOO NERVOUS, lol.

Anyway, I went to go get this man from his hotel and at that very moment as he was walking through those glass doors and approaching my car, I swore I heard harps and angels signing, lmao. Cupid hit us both. I can actually say that he's been ultimately the greatest love of my life and my very best friend.

I want to wish you both all the blessings God can possibly pour upon you guys as both a couple and in your individual lives. I live in New York now, let me know when the wedding is, I'd like to witness the ceremony.




Male, 34, Germany

Posted March 08, 2007

thank you for your that wonderful success story. for me i have been looking for the past years but still nothing to find. i would be grateful if you could help to send me one, the persons address or contant phone. thank you.
my email is


Female, 31, New York, NY

Posted March 14, 2007

This story almost made me tear lol... i loved it... god bless u guys


Female, Age Private, Houston, TX

Posted March 15, 2007

i just want to tell you two love birds that reading your story is the most loving story i have ever read. good luck in the years to come and who said long distance relationships never work out. thas a lie huh? lol! well god be with you both and always be happy.


Male, Age Private, Woodhaven, NY

Posted March 16, 2007

Thank you all for your comments we can really feel your love.. GOD BLESS!