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Met November 2003, New Haven, CT Posted

I really wasn't looking for anyone to be with from migente, I was just looking for new people to talk to, to hang out with, etc. I stumbled upon Freddy's page and thought "wow, he sounds like an awsome guy" so I started writing notes to him, trying to get to know him. We chatted through notes and talked on the phone many times but we never got to meet each other until the weekend of December 5th, 2003 when we had the big blizzard out here in NY/CT. I was in college at the time and he decided to take a chance and meet me in CT to stay for the weekend. It was his first time ever doing this and it was my first time meeting someone from here so we were both taking a big risk.

He was nervous coming out to meet someone in another state when he himself never left Manhattan. When he finally came to my dorm, I was outside in the blizzard waiting for him looking like a bum and thought "he must think I look like hell!" But all was good and we started becoming friends from that night. Well, new year's eve came around and I invited him to my mother's house on long island for a party. I wanted her to meet him because I thought that maybe he and I could move our friendship to the next level. She liked him from the start. I was very delighted!

When the clock struck 12 midnight for the year of 2004, he gave me a present which was a gold hugs and kisses bracelet. I thought "he didn't have to do that, but thought it was really sweet". Later on during the night he decided he wanted to go home(he took the train to manhattan at the time) we had to wait for the next train because we had missed the last one. He had to tell me something and was really nervous about it. He finally told me what he wanted to tell me for a month. He wanted to be with me. He thought that I was the most beautiful and wonderful person he had ever met and that he wanted to start the new year right, with me.

So he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes and the rest is history...we have been together for 3 years now and it still feels like we just got together, so fresh and new. I love that about our relationship, we are a very unique couple. I feel so lucky to have him in my life, we are both lucky to have found each other without ever really looking for anyone at the was just fate.

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Female, 44, Bronx, NY

Posted April 11, 2007

To Vanessa and Freddy;

I just want to say congradulations and that your story gives many people on this site and other sites a lot of hope.....
May God continue to bless ou guys ....