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Met May 2003, Puerto Rico Posted

Hi, God bless, Its really not my love story, but yet my daughters. They met thru the on september 2002. He was stationed somewhere in Japan (Army) She was studying in the University Of Puerto Rico. She gave him support while in mission over at Afghanistan and so on. Then he came to Puerto Rico to visit his family and to get to know my daughter. Which by the way was FelineEyes83 at So the met at a Mall,, Plaza Las Americas a 29 of June 2003. It was love at first sight, I know I was there. They went out a couple of times, but he had to leave towards his mission with the Army, but they kept their special communication, becoming husband and wife on December 22, 2004 and they have been a very happy couple ever since. They live in North Carolina right now near his Army base. But everything began thru Thank you for providing my daughter's happiness.

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