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Met November 2002, Phoenix, AZ Posted

Well we met on It started off with online talking and late night phone calls that we both thought would lead to nothing. But in January we decided to meet and kick back with a nice big bowl of posole and we enjoyed the whole night until 3 in the morning. Things moved fast and we got serious February 8th. Much to our suprise 6 months later after dating, we were expecting a nice Tamale in April of 04'. Since then we could never be apart and enjoyed every moment and minute together. We got married April 1st, just eleven days before our beautiful daughter ruby came. We cherished our precious princess and then in January we found out we were expecting an even bigger Tamale. Finally gave birth our son Ezequiel III in November of 05'. We couldn't be anymore blessed with a beautiful family and we thank God every minute of the day for bringing us together. Thanks alot Migente, you are a big part of or lives.

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