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Met February 2001, New York, NY Posted

I met my hubby on Migente and this July we will be celebrating our 5 year wedding annivessary. I actually made the first contact and was very persistent. We chatted online then on the phone. Two weeks later we met in March 2001. We got engaged July 2001 and got married July 2002. We actually got married earlier because of 9/11 my husband was insistant on it. Never knowing what next could happen. We now have a 2 yr old daughter and a 6 mo. old boy.

My advice on dating - first of all be happy with yourself. Take time & don't be afraid to be alone, know your true self, be honest about yourself and what you are looking for and what you want. Ladies it is no shame to let it be known when you are dating if you are strictly marriage minded if that is what you want. Same for guys. I also like to be frank & honest so if you just want a "casual" relationship men not that it is ok in my opinion but just be honest if that is what you want and don't lead someone on just to hurt their feelings later.

To both sexes look for someone who has the same values, goals, and ideals as yourself. Differences can be wonderful also but if they are too different there may be issues. Also, please be honest I cannot stress that point enough, all of us have been hurt and have issues but give that new person a chance take that leap of faith and trust. If you have had bad relationships in the past, take the time out and re-examine those relationships, what was it about the person that attracted the person to you. Do you keep having the same issues over and over, sit down and examine all the men or women you have had in the past what did they have in common that you made you keep attracting people of that kind? Was it physical, their personality and why. Then when you know what it is, stay away from it. For example some women like "BAD BOYS" for whatever reason but then later on complain that they get hurt or used. Well, why is it you are attracted to those type of men. What is it in yourself that you need that type of person. It can also be difficult for men because many of them are attracted to the physical then they get involved with someone who may just use & abuse them. Whatever your situation be honest with yourself, know what you want & be honest with the other person. I'm sure you can find that special person.

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Female, Age Private, Linden, NJ

Posted June 24, 2007

beautiful words.


Female, 56, Durham, NC

Posted August 14, 2007

Congrats!!! Wishing you much happiness in your life. Thanks for the advice.