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Met April 2007, Newark, NJ Posted

My Love has found me here on Migente after 21 years . Its a long story but i have to make it short and sweet. Well when i first met Luis he was 16 and i was 21 at the time. I know i was a lot older but age is just a number anyway. We finally met each other again on May 19th he came from Conneticut to visit me here in New Jersey. I was nervous but excited at the same time. We still felt that fire that we had when we were younger.

So we talked and carried on and we laid the cards on the table and we are together now. He is making his move to live with me and we have plans to getting married soon. Luis and i want to thank you Migente for this site it is a nice place to meet and chat with people.

Thank you again Migente.
Luis and Thelma

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Male, 30, Boston, MA

Posted October 17, 2007

WHAt THE F&^*&*^%!!!!!!!!!!! how come i can't find a real woman like that tahts whats im talking about thats real love right there yo homie You got it goOd...