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Met February 2007, Chicago, IL Posted

I want to thank Migente for giving me a chance in finding what I call is my Soul Mate....before going online and meeting my Baby here I was going thru some major things in my life, broken heart and some other things, which are just to long to get into...I went on migente one day I saw that Dominican54 had viewed my page but did not leave any comments on my page so I decided to write to him because to me he looks like SAMUEL L. JACKSON,LOL and that is exactly what I told him in a note that I sent him....

He then replied with saying that he's been told that he looks like Sidney Pointier, I said maybe but you look much better than Sidney.....then I sent him another note saying "what a pity that you don't live close to me, because we could have gone out for a drink and dinner and get to know each other a little better" he wrote back saying that that could be arranged.......

The next thing I know we are IM'ing each other and exchanging phone numbers and taliking on the phone everyday....We both are born in the same month and just 5 days apart so we called each other to wish one another a Happy B-day....When we started talkin on the phone I said to Dominican54, to bad you live in another state, it would be nice to meet you in person.....

He asked me if I would come and see him if he sent to get me and I said YES.....We met on April 25th '07 and the rest is HISTORY!!!!! We think alike and it's so scary, when we talk one of us start saying something and the other finishes the sentence......HE IS MY SOUL baby is coming in June to see me and we can't wait to see each other, we miss each other so we are taking 1 day at a time and we both feel the same way and deep down in our hearts we know that we will concor all and with GOD'S BLESSING next year we will be together......

Thank you Migente for having this website and giving every single man and woman out there to meet his or her SOUL MATE and PARTNER in life and for everyone of us to have an opportunity to find that special person and be happy,....I will keep everyone up to date as time goes by.......

Your friend......BROKEN_HEART

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