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Met August 2002, Kissimmee, FL Posted

Hello Migente,

First let me say that I am a very proud Dominicana who is 42 years young and I have been a member of Migente almost from day one. Kudos the Migente staff.

Where to begin to describe my soul mate who found me on Migente. Through Migente Notes we wrote back and fourth and sooner than we both thought I found myself at the corner of Stevenson and Van Courtland in the Bronx to meet this gentleman who's spirit spoke to me. At first glance I was so taken and knew this was the man whom I so often dared to dream of. He was actually real and in front of me....I just thought now what?

You see I had been married 2 times over with 2 children from the last go round. My son who is now 13 is Autistic and my daughter who is now 15 and had many nightmare dates. Ladies you know exactly what I mean. Some dates when I explained my disabled son would simply never return calls.

Yet I never let myself fall into self pity and kept my heart open. As you can imagine I had so many fears the first several times we met that he would simply turn away the moment I would have to explain Christopher. Yet Virgilio did the absolute opposite, he faced me and this ready made family with open arms. And even with a ton of canceled dates every time we saw each other it was so evident to everyone that we were so together and I dare say I want to believe that we also felt the sparks even though it seemed forever for both to admit it.

Virgilio is 39 over 6 years ago in the quest to possibly become part of Iron man Triathlon Contest and let me say with numerous New York City marathons, mini triathlons , even participating in the Empire State Building run- up several times he was hit with one of the most unbearable news. After working as and Emergency Medical Tech for the City of New York in the Bronx he caught what was though to be the flu.

After being taken to the hospital it was discovered that a possible tumor was spotted on his brain. As it turned out it was indeed an unoperable tumor and the Doctors recommended that all sorts of therapies were to be started to keep the monster at bay. All through these years this man, the one I state as my Migente soul mate has demonstrated unbelievable tenacity and strength in not only dealing with Brain Cancer but also incorporating this soul and my children and forming a family.

On a day to day basis we both deal with so many obstacles but yet we drove down to Poinciana Florida in a 1994 Geo Metro with Buddy his wonder dog and the car jam packed carrying over 1000 lbs on a quest for a new beginning, and hopefully a new life. One year later my extraordinary soul mate continues on a daily to deal with Brain Cancer and a wonderful step father to my children which are his children.

I don't believe that what I have been fortunate to live and be a part of could have occurred without Migente. How do you begin to express what a blessing and gift that I have been given just by me being myself and typing a few words then to open that door to allow someone into my world and have it turn into the "stuff dreams are made of". My Virgilio today is I can proudly say my husband, my partner for life...yet it is ironic when I say that just because when we married on August of 2006 I vowed until death do us part, yet that could be tomorrow or next week or 10 years from now, so we try to take a conscious approach and LOVE LOVE LOVE and live day by day.

Has life been hard? Actually beyond hard but my grandmother used to tell me that in face of turmoil to always put on a good face. Virgilio dreams and has many failed attempts to write a book of his journey with Brain Cancer, running and living life in the Bronx and his ready made family with a disabled child but of course due to our very limited income his dreams are made to be just that dreams...also becoming a daddy has never happened for him and again due to finances I am unable to give birth to a child, we thought about adoption yet I have run into solid rock walls.

I awake every morning and open my eyes and see my husband and remember our honest Migente notes and that dark evening in September that I first saw him and I am in awe...Not one day goes by that I thank God that he is still here pushing life even though he was given a stamp and told that his life could be gone in a blink of an eye. Virgilio, his soul his love has managed to enhance my life with positive love and a guarantee that he will always be with me, yes you heard it right....he guaranteed me. Did I believe him in the I believe him today....yes...

Today it's very difficult for me to talk about all this because I do not want to wake up from this delicious dream...I am willing to share our story to show people that love is ALIVE AND WELL...there is hope we both believe in soul mates and yes love can carry us through the most impossible times in our lives. His loving family have supported him and us in good times and bad times. For myself and Virgilio we want so much and to experience things together and bring happiness to others around us.

Virgilio let me also say has a tremendous sense of humor, can you imagine that when it is time for doctor visits and all kinds of x-ray from the receptionist right on up to the doctors he makes them laugh each and every time. How magical is that...Virgilio more often is thinking ahead and of everyone else, how to make them laugh or how to make them more comfortable. I could go on about our love all I know is that in this world which could be so negative I found the positive. As a couple we always try although not too often successful in trying to incorporate positive things into our lives.

One and only wish I could have is to have someone read this story and want to open doors to this family for my husband to publish one book and for the grace of me handing gently into those strong arms that have ALWAYS BEEN OPEN.....a child........his child....I have to believe that one day he will be gone with a huge beautiful smile remembering the woman and how I fell head over heals in love that very first night over coffee in a Bronx cafe when I almost thought I would never feel what it is to be in love again......

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Female, Age Private, Worcester, MA

Posted December 20, 2007

Wow . . .U Left Me Speechless. . . . God Bless Both of U & Ur Family . .. Happy Holidays : )


Female, 36, Staten Island, NY

Posted December 23, 2007

what a beautiful story...........god bless


Female, 50, Ocala, FL

Posted December 28, 2007

Thank you for sharing your wonderful success story. God bless all yall. May 2008 bring you more joy, peace and healing.


Female, Age Private, Plainfield, NJ

Posted December 28, 2007

wow, i'm definately left in shock by this story.

You see, i'm christian and i honestly believe that if you both pray and honestly Believe that God can heal Virgilio then it is possible because ANYthing is possible with God.
God Bless you and your family always.


Female, 37, Lawrence, MA

Posted December 28, 2007



Female, Age Private, Lubbock, TX

Posted January 14, 2008

Your story touched my heart....i pray that God answers your prayers and keeps each and every one of you in his care...good luck!