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Met July 2007, Saint Cloud, FL Posted

Adonis and I met on MG. After sending short notes to each other we found out we had a lot of small things in common. He invited me on a lunch date that ended being a 10hr date. We sat and talked for hours.

I saw him the next night while he was at work. A few days later we saw each other again in which he asked me to be his Girlfriend. A bit hesitant at first considering that I just came out of a 9 yr relationship, I accepted.

I don't really know what it is, if is his charm, his upbeat mood or just how real he is that has me head over heels. I feel like a High School teenager when I'm around him. I know that his eyes and the way he looks at me is captivating as I constantly get lost in his eyes.

Without each of us saying much, I know that the attraction and the affection is mutual. We're already planning a future together. It has amazed me how compatible we are and how we're so good for each other in every aspect. He fills my heart with joy as I know I do his.

For those of you out there that are still single and looking..... believe when I say that God has someone in mind who is the perfect person for you and even when they seem to be sooooo wrong for you look beyond that and compare how they make you feel. I guarantee that you will find that they are that person God has been holding dear for you. Good Luck!!!!ck!!!!

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