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Met November 2006, New York, NY Posted

Me and Peter met on myspace at the end of 06. At first i went on his page, and i thought he was cute so i saved his sn on my aim. One day i saw he was on and i hit him up and was like how you doing? and we talk for about a minute and i asked "So you got a girlfriend" and he was like yes. So i was like have a good day and i didnt talk for him for about month and a half. Then one day in Feburary, i go on my migente and he left me a note saying " How are you? Havent Talked in a minute, " and we just talked and talked. We finally had our first date on April 4, and it was amazing. From there on we talked everyday, and got to know each other. We had a problems and we split for a couple of weeks and i started to date someone, but we both realized how much we loved each other and we got back together and we made it offical on October 5. Peter is my best friend, i can talk to him about everything and he helps me so much. He is a amazing man and i love him.

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