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Met April 2007, Opa Locka, FL Posted

Jenney and I happened to be on migente at the same time (11am-2pm 5-8-07), she was at home and I was trying to work at my job. We were both new to the meeting people online world but being optimistic lead us to what turned into a short/long conversation. We had things to talk about and flirting was our main tool of attraction. She told me about her separation from her husband and I shared w/her a bit about my divorce and luckily neither one of us had ended up with kids at the end of those relationships.

I told her about my bad luck with women and how I had ran into liars, over reacting and women that were still married. Being that we had been in long term commitments and had lived to learn a hard brutal lesson about being married to the wrong person, we agreed that the cheating situation wasnt going to play any kind of role in what we could possible have in the future.

Texting one another quickly became our hobby, which lead us to meeting two days later 5-10-07. She picked me up at work after she had an interview and we headed to Subways to grab a quick bite to eat. The time couldnt have been any better, except if I didnt have to go back to work.

I was a bit nervous about meeting her but after spending 50+ minutes with her, if I didnt kiss when I got dropped off, that might have ruined our connection. Soft, tender and addicting they became (her lips), we ended up going out that same night again for a smoothie at Jamba Juice and hooked up for a long walk by Bayside that same Saturday 5-12-07.

After sharing those few days with one another, it was inevitable that our connection, communication and optimism would be the foundations of what was to come ahead for us. She moved in with me and we started spending time at her parents house on the weekends. Iit took sometime for the acceptance of her parents but as they got to know me, our communication increased. My parents have made a connection with her that I could have not ever picture them having with a girlfriend of mine.My sister also gets along with her pretty well.

Jenney has become a part of my family as much as I have become a part of hers and even though we have our differences with things we do, think, and say; at the end of the day we cant stand being away from each other.

We have been there for one another in important times and caring for one another is our weakness. Luckily we do not hide our feelings or emotions because if one is happy/upset/sad, we quickly react to their behavior with the hopes of making the other feel better and help celebrate anything accomplished by either one of us. Our connection is exceptional, the communication is always a work in progress but our future is only determined by us.

For the coming year, we have plans to get our own apartment in which we plan on living with her 2 dogs (Diamond & Bell). When I finish (or before) my BA in Technical Management@ Devry University, if all goes well, we might end up moving out of Florida into another state where the living conditions will be more comfortable for both.

The future is something we always look forward too but only if it is with each other. To all here on migente, never judge a book by its cover and always remain optimistic because otherwise you will not know what is behind the next door.

MIGENTE is a great way to meet all sorts of people; I sure met someone I cant picture my life without now. Stay tuned for our engagement....

Gracias MIGENTE,

Jose & Jenneye & Jenney 5-18-07

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