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Met July 2007, Chicago, IL Posted

It happened so quickly. We talked for a month or so. the conversations were so wonderful, and I felt very comfortable, that we had to meet. I wasnt really looking for anything. At first glance, I could tell this was going to turn out magical. Ever since our first meeting it has progressed into something so special, deep and full of promise.

I have met a very genuine man that brings joy, happiness and a balance to my life. He makes me smile and shine throughout the day. My heart skips a beat whenever I speak or am with him.

Its only been a few months, but we are trying to plan our future together. I never thought I would meet the man of my dreams.

Baby, I promise to give you my all and keep your heart safe. I am here to grow and learn with you. Im here for the long haul. Thank you for coming into my life. I am now complete, because of you..

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