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Met August 2007, Orlando, FL Posted

Well... me and manny knew of each other for a while back in the day because one of my best girl friends was dating his one of his boys.. We had both seen pictures of each other but we had never met up or talked.. so one day i recieved a note from him on MiGente and i thought nothing of it and ignored it... but while i was randomly checking my notes i ran by his again and saw it, it wasnt the typical migente note every girl recieves... so i decided to write back... (wow im really happy i did that..) so for days we wrote back and forth trying to get to know each other..

one night we decided to switch numbers and of course i had that mentality like im deff not gonna call him first.. lol.. so he decided to call me.. and that night we talked for HOURS!!! it was crazy... his personality was amazing... he was hillarious and fullllll of sarcasm.. lol..there was deff never a dull moment on the phone.. we talked and txt everyday for a week and thought we should kick the phone habit and actually meet... so i got all excited with lil nervousness in my stomach and excitement!!

but to my surprise my best friend since 3rd grade was in a tragic car accident with 3 other people... when i told manny that he still wanted to chill and try and take my mind off things.... so after a while i was so tired of being in the hospital i needed to get out of the atmosphere.. so i said ok lets chill..... and we met at a local restaurant in orlando....

as soon as i started walking towards him he knew who i was and everything clicked in my head as well... we remembered each other in pics and put our friends together and found out how we knew each other.... it was super crazy.. but all the while it made it aallllooottt easier.. so we sat in the restaurant for hours and just talked until i got the most horrible phone call that my friend of all those years had passed away....

when i told manny he did nothing but be there for me and just try to take my mind off things... after that we went to the movies and just chilled and talked while time flew by us.... the very next day we had our 2nd date and knew we had to be together, so he asked if i would be his girl and of course i said yes..... ive never been so happy with someone in my life.. im so comfortable around him and i feel like i can tell him anything.. we have such a great relationship.. and i love him with all my heart... we have planned to move in together in the summer and start a great future together.... THANK YOU MIGENTE!

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