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Met May 2007, Hollywood, FL Posted

Well me and junior met during the summer while I was in dominican republic on vacation for a month.. We clicked but I never really showed interest.. When I got back we talked on and off for a few months we finlly met at a club called pawnshop in oct. We didn't hang out to long cuz things got complicated.. We stopped talking then a month later spoke briefly till finally he gave up on me.. Then on new yrs I texted him and told him to hae a wonderful year he decided to give it 1 last try... he called me on a wed. And told me that if we didnt hang out that sat. He was giving up forever...

So we met up he came to a family party but when I saw him I instantly fell in love with him.. I thank god for not letting me miss out on the best man I've ever met.. I thank him as well for being so persistant.. I don't know why I avoided him for so long when he's been the one for me all along...
I thought I had an idea of what love was in the past but that's not love what me and junior have is on a whole nother level and
We live 30 min from each other but that doesn't stop us from seeing each other.

Junior baby I love you so much and I will always be here for you.

And thank you migente thanks to you guys I'm so in love and I got a good one he maes me so happy and you guys were part of it.

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