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Madeline and Kenney

Met February 2005, Passaic, NJ Posted

Well kenny and i met in 2005 when he sent me a note. We hit it off real well and we exchanged aim screen names and also telephone numbers. The problem was he live 2 hours away from me. I was 15 or 16 and he was about 17 or 18.. I never really got to see him till 2007.

Well in 2005 we talked on the phone for hours and I knew we had a great connection. We talked for like 4 months than the summer came.. My parents decided to go to colombia for 2 months. Going to Colombia changed our relationship. He sent me a an email saying that his parents decided to go to florida and that they were going to live there for good. He also said "Im sorry this isn't going to work out between us. We could still be friends." I was HIGHLY upset.

When I got back from Colombia I saw him on aim so i decided to hit him up to see how things were going. Well he told me that he had a girlfriend a couple of weeks later when he told me that he was moving.. I felt really heart broken and upset that he gotten someone so quick.. so what i decided to do was delete his phone number, aim, and i also delete my migene page.

I still had feelings for him but being friends and him telling me about his girlfriend wasn't going to work out. 1 year pass... 2 years.... pass 3 years pass... and nothing haven't heard from him for 3 years i thought about him like crazy the first year wondering what if i never went to colombia thinking about all the possibilities that we could of been together. By the 2nd and 3rd year came around I wasn't thinking about him but he was still somewhere in my head.

Till one day November 11th 2007 i decided to go on my aim sn and i see his screen name and immediatly knew who it was. I was shocked when he wrote to me. I didnt know what to do. I kept thinking what if he dont remember me. Well i decided to say hi to him and after that day we hit it off real well we were back like old times. When we talked he also told me that things never really worked out in Florida and that he was back in Jersey i was super excited.

The same day we talked for hours again and we decided to see each other the next day. (FINALLY).. He still lives 2 hours away but we make the time to see each other during the weekend. We been going out for about 6 1/2 months already and we most def have many more years to go.

I dont have a pic right now but sooni will post one up!!!!

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