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Met January 2008, Marcus Hook, PA Posted

One day just checking my Migente messages I see a note from someone I didn't know. As curiosity struck me I opened it to a small message and compliment from David. Despite my skepticism about talking to people online, me and David would send messages daily to each other with normal small talk. After a while David being the persistent person that he is gave me 2 personal #'s to contact him on. We would talk daily on the phone for hours on end getting lost in an intense conversation each time. When we weren't on the phone with each other we were constantly texting each other.

Finally came our first date, when we agreed to meet the person behind the voice. The day we chose to meet was a Thursday night. I had to work until 10pm and we arranged for him to get me after work and we would go bowling then get something to eat. About an hour before I would be done work he texts me saying he couldn't make it. When I got this message I was disappointed and didn't think things would work out between us. I had made alternate plans then to go with my co-workers.

To my suprise he called me a half hour later to tell me he was on his way to my job. The suprise put a big smile on my face. When he got there to get me I couldn't stop looking at him and I could tell the feeling was mutual. We started bowling and automatically there was a connection even despite him losing to me all 4 games we played. We talked all night and it felt like I have known him all long. Afterward we went and got something to eat and still just sat and talked some more until the early morning hours.

As time has gone on, we have become closer and closer and couldn't be any happier. We love to spend time around each other, and our families like each other as well. I thank MG for connecting me to the love of my life, I have met my future.

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