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Met March 2007, Silver Spring, MD Posted

I was sitting in my dorm one afternoon back in March of 2007 being a little bored, when I decided to sign onto my migente page. I saw that I had a new note, so I opened it and read it. Something about him caught my attention, so I wrote back. Then he wrote back, and well basically we were writing back and forth for some time. Than, we started talking on the phone. One day, we met up and it was great. We continued to talk and hang out and get to know each other. We eventually made it official and everything was so perfect.

Not too long into the relationship he had to move for various personal reasons and I was devastated. The more time that passed, the less hope I had that I would ever be with him again. Then, almost 2 months ago now, we began talking again. And to make a long story short....we are back together. We actually live together now, and we are getting married. I couldn't be any happier. Thanks Migente! I met the man of my dreams because of you guys! =]

Tania && Robert <3

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