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Met December 2005, South San Francisco, CA Posted

well Chuy and i actually met at work. i was the girl behind the counter giving him his pay check once a week and i saw him on a weekly basis. he was going to a job site while i was stuck in the office monitoring the work flow from the agency.

Chuy and i began dating in January 2006. our first kiss was soo passionate that if i could capsule it and bottle it, it would probably sell for a million bucks. he is the first person i had ever kissed so passionately. but as soon as the first of everything was over, so was the honeymoon.

we were on and off for the next two years. i was a migente member when we first broke up and he became one after our second. after months of coming in and out of each others lives, migente became a good friend of ours. he kept frequenting my site and for some reason i came here every so often at the same time he did. i started to care who was viewing my profile and Chuy was one of them. so this recent Christmas and new year, we began to talk frequently on MiGente again. when i'd be off at work, he'd be online. we found times to talk and eventually, we gave in and finally saw each other shortly after the new year.

so thanks to Migente, our love has grown and we have been able to communicate to each other no matter where we are. our relationship is stronger for it and if it weren't for migente, we probably wouldn't be together today.

now the future is in our hands. we love each other so deeply and so passionately. i've never had a love like this before and i am thanking the heavens that i do. i have searched and now i don't have to any more.any more.

thanks for reading.

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