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Met August 2008, Lowell, MA Posted

Well me and my baby been together for 6 months now.We met on Sep 20, 2008.

He was the one that made the first move.He had sent me a note telling me that he would like to have the chance to get to know me. He also said that if i liked what i saw to write back to him. So i went to his page and read about him and seen his pics.

I definitely liked what i saw so i wrote back 2 him. By the next day we exchanged numbers. We first texted each other and after a few text messages he then called me. We practically talked all day. On Sep 30, 2008 we made it official!!

Yah i know we only knew each other for 10 The first time i saw him in person was on Oct 10, 2008 our first date. I have to admit i fell deeply in love with him.

Hes the love of my life! He's the one that always puts that smile on my face that he loves so much=).

He makes me feel so special like no ones ever done before.I just feel so comfortable around him. II dont have to worry about how I'm dressed or how i act. No matter what he will still love me.

We may have our ups & downs but i still love him. I mean come on what couples don't argue... But we cant stay mad at each other for more then an

Im telling u hes da real deal!!!.. I dont know what i would do with out him!.

El amor de mi vida =D!! Pues si papi tu sabes que yo te amo con todo mi corazon y quiero que siempre lo recuerdes!! i love you..9.30.2k8 all day every day.. now and forever baby..muahs*

If it wasnt for this website I would've never met the love of my life!!

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