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Don't worry about my name or where I'm from because you're never going to meet me anyway. If you want to know anything else just write me a letter and put it in the mail. p>

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Female, 33, Hilo, HI

Posted June 04, 2009

Wow; you're not on here very much, are you? :p Yeah, I have lived on Hawai'i (Big Island) my whole life. Both a good and bad thing. Let's just say a lot of native Big Islanders (particularly Hiloans, I've experienced) know very little of anything outside of the rock. Unless, say, Eminem's new single counts.
Where are you from originally? California? MG should allow you to list that as well, a'la Facebook.
Must be rough being stationed, I can only imagine, but at least there is a big nightlife there and lots of live shows. I go pretty stir-crazy here during the summer. You have to learn to entertain yourself.
Take it easy.



Female, 33, Hilo, HI

Posted May 14, 2009

Hey, how's it going? Glad you finally logged on sometime :p Really love your writing; you have a wit and an astute observation, keep it up. Definitely makes you stand out from the vast majority of guys on here, who can't even complete a coherent sentence! Haha I would know.


Female, Age Private, Philadelphia, PA

Posted January 23, 2009


Female, Age Private, Yuma, AZ

Posted December 31, 2008


Female, Age Private, Yuma, AZ

Posted December 05, 2008

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Hello World!


So I forgot that I even had a blog on this site. But I was going through my email inbox and noticed I had a couple of messages from people. Guess they like my blog. I was reading through my blog on here and realized I've really changed. Gawd was I emo! lol I don't care much for love now. I got too much going on with school and work since moving away from Hawaii and back in Chicago. Ain't nobody got time for dat! lol I blog on other sites so if you want send me a message.

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I Think I'm Falling in LIKE All Over Again....


So I think it's happening again. You know the whole feeling you get when you like someone. I haven't felt this way since high school, mostly because I've chosen too. I haven't gone out looking for "love" because I like to have a realistic approach towards this thing they call "love." I hate it when people throw that word around like "omg" and "lol." So instead of saying I'm in "love" I tell myself I'm in "like."

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El amor es lo mas raro que ha podido existir.


Don't you just hate it when people say they "love" someone and then the next week they're broken up with that person.

Or when kids in middle school are like, "I want a serious relationship." Bitch you can't even drive yet and you can probably still order off the kids menu!

I don't know if I wanna fall in love. I think I'd rather fall in money.

I was at the store and I saw all the Valentine's Day stuff. I got to thinking, "Hmm.... (continue reading)