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Im a 40 year old Latino from new York city, looking for fun and just hanging out with friends and making new ones. Im going to be honest and real, lifes to short for everything we want to really accomplish in our time here on earth. Im not looking to be anyones sugar daddy, nor am i looking for a Sugar momma or to play the game. As for me I sometimes get a swelled head, I like to say that when god made me he broke the mold and used the pieces to show everyone else what perfection can be like, lol, aint I full of my self .any who, I like to consider myself a sexy beast, in every sense of the word,Im not like every other man out there and i am insulted by the very thought that men's first impression of me is so. I am me, i am honest about where i stand and give no excuse for anyone else But me, I don't play the game, because im a recovering victim of it, long story one I dont like remembering or retelling, players today, dont seem to understand the rules or try to Change or rewrite them as they go along, big no-no im my book, they don't understand the simple concept that romance does not and should not have anything to do with sex, if it happens, it happens. But im looking for the cause effect the tender time afterwards the cuddle time, if I sound like a lush or a pansy then you have no real concept of romance yourself, im looking for that time after lovemaking where we're laying in bed, finding the comfort zone in each others arms molding our bodies to each other's contours like a jigsaw puzzle falling in to place and drifting into beautiful slumber with the one I love and lets not forget the mind, anyone can have sex with the body, but to make love with the Mind' now that love making on a very different level that very few people can achieve and fewer can ever comprehend. thats why valentines day to me is such a crock to me should be everyday, not just on February 14, think on this, Men show you how much they say they love you only once a year?, when it should be every day of your Life. Love the one your with while your with them. Show them that in the morning rays of the life giving sun can never compare to the fact that she is the air that you breathe. Valentines day is like murdering your common senses, some men think that they can get some with out any hard work,why is that, because its the one day that they know that its the one time in the year. That flower, candies and the words,"i love you" will get them sex with out having to ask or in some cases beg for it. Havent your seen the commercials geared for valentines day they push the fact of what I call" free sex day" by using sentences like " show her how much you love her this valentines day buy giving her jewelry, flowers, candy, etc, etc, etc ; and woman , for as much respect and love I have for them, they tend to fall for this every year and then they ask them selves why did they fall fro it again. Im not saying all women fall for this, but it happens, and I for one dont like it. Well i believe it should be more about romance, not f**king, making love to a woman is and should be an adventure. Its about the emotional connection that established between two people, and i am one that will do my best in showing a woman the finer aspects of romance, i took a massage course to help improve myself . So i can give great massages with the lady im with and learn the sensual aspects of massages and reach a plateau of trust with the woman im with that is not present with most couples today. i am a very patient and understanding man willing to give of myself if ever need be, I want to be the ear to hear your problems and If possible, help solve them or the shoulder for you to cry on it its needed and the hug if you ever need To be helped. i am the calm that can help steady yourself, because these things are all that are required to be a Real man (at least to me)and i will not tolerate abuse from any man who does not like my views on how women Should be rightfully treated Domestic violence, I dont believe in hitting a woman under any circumstance, or yelling for that matter, trust me there are laws out there that will put you way for yelling at your lady. If you feel you have a need to yell at or hit your lady trust me sooner or later you going to feel the pain you caused. And im a big boy so if you dont like my words come lets have words and I guarantee you my words will hurt you. And I have the means and the skill to do it. if I dont get you fate has a habit of stepping in and putting her foot in your %#&@$!. I am also a lingerie aficionado and love for my woman to wear them , to me there is no bigger Turn on, let me explain, there is nothing sweeter than a woman who would wear the lingerie I buy for her, it shows that she cares enough to wear it for me, but lets understand one thing, any woman can be sexy , they just need the confidence to be sexy, and a caring man can do that for hear. But I think that a woman should wear lingerie more for herself then for any man. I enjoy making love and i consider my self insatiable, I have been told that I am a great lover, i dont know about all that but I am very attentive with the one im with. Paying attention to the smallest of details, and one more thing I would like to say about my skills: have tongue and I know how to use it, if you know what I mean, lol I am not looking for the love of my life, not looking to settle down or be someone's soul mate, if it happens well, that's a different story, I want to have fun. For once im going to let love find me. Send me a note and i guarantee you will not be just a name on my friends list. And whats up with that is there a record for the most people on your friends list that you dont talk to? We will chat as often as you like or is allowed us. I mean its silly really , why have some one put you on their friends list if your not talking to them. As far as music is concerned: I like just about everything, especially the old Spanish slow jams, Sexual Orientation Straight Drinker Socially Smoker Yes Interests movies, music, dancing and just having a nice weekend with the special someone thats looking for a good time, no strings attached I also have a background in mixed martial arts. Favorite Music Genres : Pop, Reggeaton, Electronic, Alternative, Rock, Punk, Hip-Hop Current Favorite Artists/Bands: industrial, Goth, hard rock, heavy metal, Alternative and punk Favorite Movies: mostly horror, suspense, thrillers and anything with vampires and werewolves, MOST DRAMAS Favorite TV Shows csi, csi New York, port Charles, when it was on, Smallville, supernatural, charmed, friends, Seinfeld, some wrestling Favorite Books Anne rice, Brian Lumley, poppy z.brite, tokkien, Shakespeare, and i love reading ,movie scripts

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    April 11, 2009

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    eddie saint perez

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    Bronx, NY

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    Puerto Rican

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Female, 61, Carteret, NJ

Posted August 07, 2010

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