Latinas and Eating Disorders (156)

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Male, Age Private, Woodside, NY

Posted March 13, 2007

You all have very interesting and valid points....


Female, 32, East Brunswick, NJ

Posted March 18, 2007

A poem I wrote 4 years ago with my own personal battle and A LOT of other latina women I know...


They say beauty is skin deep
though I must strive to fit the mold
go under the knife when I get old

I struggle everyday with weight
I starve then binge then contemplate
guilt arises then self hate
dont want to gain
thats not my fate

Model I do want to be
but skinny legs I have to see
a pretty face I must maintain
then surely beauty Ill attain

I give so much to fit the mold
and everytime that I am told
not thin enough
not perfect yet
I cry my pillows
soaking wet

Dear Lord just give me will and strength
to stretch beyond this perfect length
happiness is dead in me
from the norm I am not free

the norm is quite a contradiction
which seems to stick to its addiction
thin is in, big breasts win, and lately J-Lo's %#&@$! is in

I want to wake up everyday
look in the mirror smile repeat
your beautiful in every way
no matter what the world might say

Its funny how we give so much
and lose the person once in touch
because of image fallacies
concerned with abnormalities
and now Im tired, quite worn out
of trying to be a lie
and everytime I cry
Im fed this little line...
beauty is skin deep.

written by me! Raquel Coronado


Female, 33, Baltimore, MD

Posted March 18, 2007


Female, 42, Chicago, IL

simple... lack of discipline to eat correctly and exercise.... it does not take a bunch of studies to figure out that we have come to a day in our society where people just want to take the easy way out .. so, they barf themselves to death instead of getting their behinds into a gym... and cutting down in the sodas, etc... eath healthy foods...

it has been shown that people in the past were never as big as they are today...even in spanish cultures, where women are curvier by nature... processed foods, etc... people eating out like crazy... the price of capitalism and materialism and trying to live in a fast paced society... just my guess...

I totally agree!!!! now.. i know i'm big... but here's the thing, about 2 years ago.... i decided wow... i was way too big, a lot more than i am today!!! so i started eating right and exercising everyday. since then i have lost almost 100 lbs!!!! and these skinny little girls who only need to lose like 5 or 10 should just eat smart and take a walk or jog everyday! they would see their results in like a month... but instead they would rather kill themselves by not eating or just vomiting up their meals.... and Bulemia, (not sure that i spelled it right). that is a f--ked up disease... you eat a nice meal, and then go throw it up. Think of all the starving people who wish they could have a meal like that, and for you to eat one and then go vomit... thats kinda selfish dont ya think??? if you want to be skinny so bad, go live in like ethiopia where theres so much poverty you would be that skinny because u wouldn't have enough to eat... i think then these dumb asses might look at it in a new light!


Female, 32, East Brunswick, NJ

Posted March 18, 2007

I think its more than eating healthy and excercising because that is the obvious answer to losing weight, but having an eating disorder is a physcological problem where many factors can be the cause. How I overcame it was with Gods help but unfortunately many young Latina women suffer with these diseases that stem from their minds. Its definitely a sickness, not just about recognizing how to manage and take care of our bodies properly. For example a 95 pound young lady can look in the mirror and "see" that she is overweight. So the mind is a powerful weapon that needs to be reformed in order to see "reality" and love ourselves and each other just the way we are.


Female, 33, Baltimore, MD

Posted March 27, 2007

hell yea it does... %#&@$! son, when you are fat u keep ur heat longer!!!!! my best friend is like 115 lbs, and she always tells me shes too scrawny to be out in the cold.... but just because ur fat doesn't mean u have to be nasty! it's all in how you present urself.... presentation is everything....


Female, 34, Plainfield, NJ

Posted March 28, 2007

i LOVE chocolate.


Female, 34, Deltona, FL

Posted March 29, 2007

When people think of the term "eating disorder" one quickly thinks of "anorexia" or "bulimia", but those are sicknesses. I think all of us in one way or another have some kind of eating disorder but I don't necessarily think it's all a horrible thing

Like someone who doesn't care if they eat a lot, or someone who doesn't want to eat alot b/c there watching there weight or not wanting to eat certain types of things or even something as simple as counting calories, anything that has to do w/ thinking about food that goes beyond the fact that its to give us nutrition is, in a way, a mental eating disorder, I'm not saying that it is definitly an "eating disorder" b/c an eating disorder is "abnormal behavior patterns w/ food" but it's almost similar

This obsession w/ food will never go away b/c we don't get "sick of" food we just get "full"

As far as race I don't think there's a race inparticular that's imune to this problem b/c as English speakers, we live in a society where "thin is in"


Male, 45, Brooklyn, NY

Posted March 30, 2007

Just looking for anyone I know from the old timer forum crew :)


Male, 51, Hempstead, NY

Posted April 01, 2007

As a big man, 6'2 and over 325, I can tell you that being big has it's advantages. Many people assume that all big people can't control how or what they eat and I can tell you that many of us can but choose not to. Often times, being the bigger person leads to more income, better dates, as well as other incidental perks. I can't tell you how many times I've been allowed to order my food first over people that were on line prior to me. Sometimes it revolves around fear but mostly it's just courtesy.
In addition, I do a fair share of exercise when I'm healthy and regardless to how much I do, I barely lose more than 25 lbs per year. Which eventually comes back to haunt me later. I do have a very strange appetite which prevents me from eating healthier. I can't eat vegetables. Whenever I do I get violently ill. Only five types of vegetables enter my body, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, peas and onions. None of which have any real nutritional value.
Eating disorders such as binge eating and over eating are really not my problem. Mine is a metabolism problem. My brother eats twice as much as I do and weighs less than half as much. We both suffer from terminal back pain. A problem generally blamed on my belly.
I guess if I had a choice of being down at the 225 lbs. range, I'd take it but not because I feel that I have a disorder. Just so I don't have to be "so scary" to all the South Americans in my neighborhood.
Also, J.Lo's butt has less to do with her nationality than we'd like to think. She works hard to stay in shape and luckily for her it pays off. I'm betting if she had a few kids and worked at Target, that waist would look more like a waste and that butt would look more like a but.


Male, 39, West New York, NJ

Posted April 05, 2007

if i may, put down my penny for the value of an opinion. pressure to be thin, is quite frustrating. hunger can leave headaches, spinal cord injuries, and a hip replacement to the body. the cause to eat food is underrated. whether you lack food or eat happily celebrities and their pressure will not suffer the community. if anything, comprise these thoughts, look in the mirror, and count your lovehandles, flab, and bones. next, open the frige and count how many vegetables you have. then, ask yourself do i need to have an eating disorder? finally, laugh at yourself. (lmao) if you get depressed seek help. eating disorders, the community and celebrities alltogether could stress you enough to cause bodily harm. as persons, lets not kill ourselves but bridge the gap between our teeth, lungs, stomach and feed ourselves with meals.

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