Latinas and Eating Disorders (156)

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Male, 39, Miami, FL

Posted May 10, 2007

I don't know what's up with all these girls that want to be skinny. Specially the latinas. I don't know about these other cats, but I love a thick female with an onion booty. If she has a brain to go with it, then got damn!


Male, 47, Schenectady, NY

Posted May 14, 2007

I couldn't of said it better myself, good luck in your career, porque como latinos la gente no pueden con nostros.LOL. No matter wether your fat, skinny, or mediocre. Love yourself, and everything else falls right into place.

A Proud Puerto Rican



Female, 67, Haines City, FL

Posted May 24, 2007

Lets blame MOM .. how we learn to eat from childhood will make it harder or easier the rest of our lives .. since I battled with weight all my life when I became a MOM my kids never had cookies . cake ( birthday only ) nor chocoalte .. just fruit , meat and excersise .. when my daughter started kindergarden she came home excited to tell me she had a COOKIE .. dang .. but all in all my kids all have norma weight every now and then they over eat but normally they eat ok .. I went from 400 pds to 180 with a gastric bypass .. believe me never having rice is hard but so was walking and having a heart attack at 46 .. so listen up young MOMMIES .. be careful what you feed your children


Female, 30, Castroville, CA

Posted May 31, 2007



Female, 29, Irvington, NJ

Posted June 14, 2007

It's your world, your life, your fashion and style.


Male, 34, Malverne, NY

Posted July 19, 2007

what kinda problem are we talkin bout. BIG problem or SKINNY problem or both?

striving to be skinny. just count calories n work out, no need to shove ur toothbrush down ur face after bkfast lunch and dinner' sheeeeeeeeeeeit' but if you do more power to you!

striving for "great great great greatness" thats fine as long as you have someone that'll love you the way you are' do ur thing'''''

alot of ppl are shallow monsters' me and most of the human race. i may see that after this post 90% of you will disagree with me but TELL ME TRUTHFULLy! if youve never said...look at that fat girl/guy in a mean way when their talkin to someone...or when their ordering a meal at Micky'D's...lmao

or when you see a super duper skinny chick and go OMG YOU NEED TO EAT SOMETHING! when you see nicole richie weighin 80 lbs lol...and then you say thats wrong. or you say effffff that cause she's rich and white lol

bottom line.WHO CARES! and if you disagree with me and say YOUVE NEVER SAID ANYTHING SHALLOW in ur life! call me a lier and since they block everything here i'de curse you out and still call you a liar...cause its true, nobody is EVER that perfect and never say anything negative about other ppl.

im not perfect at all lol i used to weigh 380 lbs now i weigh 205. so...doesnt give me a right to do it...but we all do. ....and I STILL HAD A SKINNY ASS GF! hahahaha she weighed bout 120 hahahaha sheesh' i was like big pun'
juss tellin it like it is'

hugs to all the liars lmao


Male, 34, Malverne, NY

Posted July 25, 2007



Male, Age Private, Union City, NJ

Posted July 25, 2007

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Female, Age Private, Hartford, CT

Posted July 27, 2007

HOLA, mi nombre es Doris, y vivo la tristesa de sentirme gorda y fea todos los dias....siento que este cuerpo no me pertenese, yo soy una mujer sexy,exotica....y el cuerpo no me alluda.....E recurrido a todos los metodos y nada...Incluyendo el devorver despues de comer y nada me alluda...el dano sicolojico es mas fuerte que el que se que ago ami cuerpo...


Male, 41, Berkeley, CA

Posted July 28, 2007

love your less..exercise more..

it's simple!

more of our latina sisters..are rounder..and curvier..

yet that is beautiful!

don't go on a diet..for some wack thin ness..

actually eat healthier..take time to make beans..cilantro.. more greens..make your own bean and *no cheese* salads..

learn about making smoothies..and make your more often..go out dancing..!

ti9's simple! day i'll write a



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