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Male, 32, Spartanburg, SC

Posted February 24, 2009

Now this is a very ethic question so please do not add or remove anything i say just take it as it is ok well here i go.

lets say you woke up in a room that had one little glowing red ball now if you touch this ball it will turn blue and if you touch it again it will turn back red ok now you see a train coming and in your room you have two TV's one of the tv has the word red above it and the other one blue now lookin into the TV's you see two people layed out on the tricks in TV red and TV blue has one person that you know the ball red right now and you know the train coming fast so what do you do

do you touch the ball and kill one person that your friends with or do you not do anything but know this even the act of not doing anything at all is still an act

now tell me if you touch the ball tell me why you did, if you choose to do nothing tell me what made you do nothing?