The glamour of stock brokers (2)

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Male, 36, New York, NY

Posted April 23, 2009

The glamour of stock brokers playing the market has faded a little with all the scandals associated with the current recession. However it is still hard not to look in awe when you see a stock broker looking at his screen, full of figures, bar charts and constantly changing rates and stock prices. Playing the market has become a synonym of savvy business and the intelligent use of the tools this age of information has to offer. The truth is that stock markets are glorified shop owners that buy and sell to make a profit. The only small difference is that they deal in companies and not in specific articles and that they use all the tools a global marketplace has to offer. The good news is that we all can make the most of these miracles of our age of information. You and I can play the market. By this I am not suggesting we all become stock brokers, bad idea, some special training is necessary to even have a fighting chance of making a success out of stock trading. Car Quotes


Male, 35, India

Posted October 04, 2014

I agree with you, Sean. Stock market was stalling right when recession started. Many stock brokers were clueless what to do with these market figures. Plus, there were these scams shining all over the Internet to ditch people. Thanks to God that now everything is settling and good Foreign Currency Fund Manager is with us to guide us through all Forex Trading steps.