Dealing with psoriasis (2)

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Female, 39, Bell Gardens, CA

Posted April 04, 2014

When a patient suffers from chronic itchiness and reddish flaking of the skin appears with dry cracked skin and is suffering from this condition for long then the only thought that will confuse the mind of the patient and the relatives will be - how to cure psoriasis? Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that occurs as a manifestation of a combination of several factors that contributes to the development of this disease. This disease is not contagious but it is better to use and wash the patient⿿s clothes separately for the welfare of the patient as the immune system will be weak and susceptible to other infections. For susceptible individual⿿s even environmental factors dry climate, sunlight, underlying infection, stress etc. can trigger the onset of the disease. The blood consists of impurities and this can be the cause of psoriasis and by purification of this blood the disease can be controlled. According to Ayurveda, panchakarma treatment is advised for the treatment of the disease and this is a cleansing a rejuvenation program. The aim of this treatment is to eliminate the body of all the toxins accumulated within and to strengthen the immune system. Some of the natural tips for preventing the symptoms are - some oils like avocado oil, linseed oil fasten the healing process of the cracked skin and it is best to avoid harsh detergents and deodorants from direct contact with the skin. Buttermilk, fruits, vegetables, curd, pumpkin are all good psoriasis diet and will not will not contradict the medicines consumed while treatment.