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Female, Age Private, Brentwood, NY

Posted September 15, 2007

Style Tags
Bring them back! PLEASE! Everyones complaining about the way it is now and that they wish it was back to the old way all we need is to be able to get style tags back so that we can change the layout and our page around! I can't even update my page now because if i do everything will erase and be a blank page since i do have style tags on my page it will not let me save it so if I can't update there's no point in me having this page! Even with myspace i can use style tags! How are we supposed to express our selves and be diffrent? So far all my friends moved on to myspace and so have I but I was still tring to hang on to Migente since this was the place that got me started in HTML usage I have learned so much from this free site but it's sad that I have not been able to enjoy myself here anymore & I think I might be saying goodbye.. It's just sad to try to make a site better but in it's place you managed to drop down in your #'s of hits..


Female, 29, Providence, RI

Posted January 27, 2008

ii d0nt like the new pages, its too much like myspace. i come on migente to get away from the obnoxious same old pages on myspace and now that its the same it makes me not wanna come on anymore, back then there was alot of unique pages and now every page is exactly the same i think migente should go back to the 0ption feature. where if you wanted to upgrade you could or if u want to go to the old page style you can d0 that too. anyone with me on this?


Male, 71, Puerto Rico

Posted December 30, 2008

What do you think of this site?: (
You might want to go thee through

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Female, Age Private, New York, NY

Posted April 19, 2009

My Gripes: I use Firefox and am unable to edit my Personal Message or input a Blog post unless I use Explorer.

On Explorer the whole site is scrambled, buttons and links everywhere. It's a mess.

I know that some browsers are trash ie: Safari but building a site that is cross-browser compatible is very important. Simple things like this discourage people from coming back.

- plex

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