what is that all about? ME! THIS IS WHAT I WANT .WHAT DO U WANT? DO TELL (2)

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Female, 40, Chelmsford, MA

Posted June 05, 2006

WHAT IM LOOKING for.......SOMEONE beyond seductive, downright magnetic! to live with a solid approach and with true strong seduction inner self confidence and energy that most people lack..some one truely extraordinary someone with confidence with a small taste of cockiness high maintence is considered to be good if you know how to carry it make your mind moe clear of your thoughts and less clutter stand out in a crowd be real be compassionate open mined unique is something everyone should try I'd EAT you ALIVE. I'm your Worst Nightmare... But your Best Dream. IT'S A STRANGE DESIRE... BUT AN INFLICTING WOUND. THIS IS HOW I'M WIRED. Truth and love are my law and worship Form and conscience are my manifestation and guide Nature and peace are my shelter and companion; Order is my attitude It's a look of Entrapment... that may be Hazardous


Male, 40, Harlingen, TX

Posted December 07, 2011

i want people to look at my picture n pray for my uncle n my family... have a great day....