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The love of a women is what I desire. A womans who's mind surpasses
her beauty for if she cannot satisfy what my mind desires she is
not the one I want to be with....Beauty can only touch my soul, a
connection of the mind can grasp me and hold my soul forever. Make
me desire you, capture my mind.....It's no easy task....I am not
simple minded...Complex at times...Accept me for who I am..As I'll
accept you...I seek a woman who will not try to change me yet adapt
to, and accept me for who I I would her.... If there is a
woman out there like that then I am blind for I have not found her
yet. I know I once did...How here I am in
Connecticut searching for a woman to capture my bleeding heart..could it be you?..I'm
30...single...want to know more?

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