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Serious Question For You Who Have Stopped By: Do You Like Money?

How much would it cost you to put up a web site with an exclusive domain name? You can go to the local free e-mail and search engines and set one for free and still have to pay for a domain name. Or if you have a business you will have to go to people like me (I am a professional recruiter) to find a web developer that will work for $50 to $150 pr hr to put a site together. That site will also need to be maintained for $50 to $150 pr hr.

Now what if you could have a Multiple Page Web Site, Exclusive Domain Name, Web Authoring Tools, 10 Personal E-mail Addresses, E-mail forwarding including POP and Internet Mail Access, and more for only $10 per month? Would that be great?

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Would you be upset, if you had 10 friends who have a website and the company sends you back $10.00 every month for the referrals, but it offsets the $10.00 you pay for your site making it $0 pr month (free) for you to pay? Would that upset you?

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What if your 10 friends had 10 friends each that signed up and you received $1.00 for each of their 1st level people, plus 1.00 for each of them (You get paid on each 5 referral levels). So far 110 people are making you about $110 pr month more cash than what you originally had to shell out, would that bother you?

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Now you and these 110 people started to get 2 more here, 3 more there, 5 from over here, and as long as people are signing up, you will get paid monthly (as they will) up to 5 levels of referrals. How much Money do you think can be generated in a month over time? Can you visualize the types of changes in your life that can actually take place?

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Now while you are Making Money, so are your first 10 friends, and the same goes for their friends, and it goes on for 5 referral levels. The other $5.00 from the monthly $10.00 charge always goes to the company in order to stay in business (DUH). They pay out 50% of their profit to their clients (that⿿s us) for referrals, so they do not have to hire sales people. Now if you answered YES to any of theses questions, then this an opportunity that you should seriously consider. Paying a great price for a great website is rare. Getting referral fees for showing your site to friends, family, and associates and signing them up via you signup site is a value in the World of Business. You even get a couple of sign up website that explain everything. Welcome to the family! Please watch the videos. My personal site is