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DOES TRUE LOVE EXISTS Is love truly hard to fine? Is it all that is on the street that has change all we are ? why does people say things they don't mean? and why is it so much harder to say the truth when saying a lie is so much harder then the truth? why must love hurt and if it true the more you love the more it hurt? But there are many saying that people use, like. it's better to love, then never loved at all , better to be alone then to be in bad company , why stay with some one that you lost your love for is it not to start all over again. Yes the biggest fear men has is to be alone but yet when he or she has that special some one they do not know how to show there love for in time love turns in to two people use to each other for the love has change in so many way. So as men and women wanting true love some time we have it and don't know how to appreciate what we have until we lose it. i can go on and on about the way life if and the way it should be for ever. But here we all are looking for that special some one, that aren't playing games, our soul mate, holding on to faith and believe that there must be so much more to life then the life we are living some scare to take the chance in not getting hurt and other getting hurt cause they do not want to give up in finding that special some one and for those that does they just make it harder for those that are being real true to them self and to other, please guys and girls don't do to other what you don't want to be done to you cause karma does exist and what you do in this world you will pay for it here. what happen to those good old days when true love meant real deep love when the words I LOVE YOU meant every thing and it wasn't use to gain but to give that unconditional love , to love with your soul , now a days it is so much easier to meet people but it is getting harder to know what is the truth for the more people we talk to the more the stories sound the same it is making it so much harder to believe and to know what is real and what it is not for some for other it is teaching them how to determent does that are saying lies and does that are speaking the truth. but i feel that we all have a lot to learn about loving and giving and being real for one have to be real to them self before they can be real to other one have to love them self before they can love some one else. Games are so easy to play, lies are so easily told, to jump from one to another and not having any thing to show but pain suffering that you leave behind but remember this behind every storm there is a rainbow . so keep your heads up never bring it down for no men, believe and never give up on faith, trust a little with your arms open but don't close your eyes, say the truth no matter how much it hurt and give the chance for the other to decide were they want to stand or if they want to go. Believe in God for he can give it and he can take it away and what God give no man can take. we are not getting any younger as the years are going by our way is this were you want to be as the years are coming closer to you Alone , no one there for you , not being able to truth any one around you , sick in the hospital with out having any one that love you by your side, wasting time going to the clubs hoping to fine that special men / women there when they go there every weekend and if it isn't you they are talking to they will be talking to some one else next week when you aren't there. The thing we do will soon be pass unless we do the things that last , The worldly things for which we slave will never bring us from the grave The life we built may never stand for we may built in sinking sand. but truth and love will always be eternal.

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