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Would you like to... Learn how to take TOTAL control of ANY conversation? Be prepared and know WHAT to say and HOW to say it when talking to new prospects? SKILLFULLY handle any question or objection with ease? Create HUGE desire in your prospects and make them CLOSE themselves? Have your prospects ⿿fall in love⿝ with you and thank you for sponsoring them? Have a turn-key system for duplicating these exact same MISSION CRITICAL skills in your entire sales force?

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Are you interested in earning some money w/ your cellphone? Ask me how & no this is not a scam we're launching the service on 9/21/12. I am Dun & Bradstreet listed, registered w/ the Small Business Administration, an ebay seller w/ 100% positive feedback, & an approved vendor for the U.S. government. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think this company was legit, but it is & its starting a revolution. Just to add more to the flavor: If you sign up with me after receiving the invite & you end up referring 12 people you know,you'll receive a VISA Debit Card w/ our company logo on it & we'll deposit $650 for those 12 referrals, but its only good for 60 days from when you sign up with me. :)

Every year major cell providers spend Billions of funds in advertising. Solavei is a new company w/ a way different approach. Instead of using those funds 2 pay da middle man 2 advertise & attract new clients frm other cell companies;they're goin 2 spend da advertising $ on da very people they put them in2 business in da 1st place:da consumers. Which is why they coined da term "Social Commerce". When u send me ur 1st name & email address I'll b sending u an invite which consists of an intro abt us & video links. Watch da video. Ask me ?s. THEN u decide 2 accept or decline. As of right now we're offering free enrollment,which is $49 one-time, until 9/10/12 but also they offered those who do register a free month of service & a fast action bonus of $650 when u get 12 of ur friends 2 sign up (be it at wrk,school,church, hood,social network,etc). Dis company offers no contracts so there4 u won't see any special deals on any of their 3 phones dat currently run on their network. No contracts means they'll have 2 prove 2 U of their service,No hidden fees,Full transparency. Wat's better is if U don't want 2 buy 1 of our cell phones well we have da BYOP Program(BringYourOwnPhone)so long as it is a GSM cell(Tmobile & AT&T phones wrk on our network). Want to know more or get in contact with me to join the waiting list?......(There is a waiting list of 4 people now, but I had already invited 130 & their already in my lane). You can also visit my facebook page @ Danny ChiTown



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