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Zeitgeist, produced by Peter Joseph, was created as a nonprofit filmiac expression to inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that very often things are not what the population at large think they are.

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March 15 is "Z Day" spread the word as we have the right to have a say in the worlds future.

writting from the official website:

When people think of "Activism", most envision some form of awareness program, protest or public disobedience. While these forms of Activism are functional and important, they often only operate on a limited level, usually failing to address root causes. In fact, our whole society tends to address any and all social problems from a superficial standpoint. For instance, we imprison millions of people in the US, based solely on the supposed "illegal" actions of that person, with little to no regard as to what has occurred in that person's experience to cause that action.

This is an important point, because the "Truth Movement" that exists today, while doing a good job in educating people about the problems themselves, falls far short in regards to actually accomplishing anything. This is because they are operating within a myopic understanding about what the actual problem is. Just like all other elements of society, the "Truth Movement" has created factions, which, out of ego, serve to compete rather than unify. Furthermore, no holistic, logically derived, philosophical disposition is understood.

For instance, we often hear about this thing called the "Patriot Movement". Not only is this an outmoded concept, it is entirely offensive and counter unifying. We all should know that at this stage in our social evolution, we as human beings cannot allow a "One World Government" to take hold, because the Religious/Corporate/Government /Banking Institutions that rule our world will only manifest even more tyranny and totalitarian dominance. This is the tendency our social systems create - the need to consolidate power, to the most extreme. As an analogy, Corporate America continues to monopolize the retail sales sector by producing powerhouse retail outlets like Walmart. Walmart is an example of how the world economic game works. It is a logical step in the unenlightened self interest of a company to do things like use cheap labor from poor countries, drop the price of each product, and build huge stores in small towns, consequently destroying the smaller shops in the town as they are unable to compete. This is essentially what the Banking Systems of the West are doing to the world. They are moving to absorb anything and everything and reduce/eliminate competition. The One World Government that the Council on Foreign Relations and numerous other despots speak of, is merely a manifestation of the corporate tendency to reduce competition and consolidate power... no different than Walmart. The United States, and the banking institutions behind it, operate completely and entirely as a Corporation. Their entire interest is in the self perpetuation of their institution. They don't care about people - They can't afford to.

Now then, the Patriot Movement, on a certain level, functions very well in its work against the North American Union and the like. However, it is also broadly counter productive because it implies support for "America" and nothing else, by definition. In reality, the problems with the elite that are working to create a One World Government are not solved by protesting for "America". In fact, it is an entirely biased and inadvertently racist disposition to say things like "America is the greatest nation on earth", for America is, just like all countries, another manifestation of million of years of development by human beings of all nationalities. Additionally, the "Pledge of Allegiance" is a horrific invention, which serves the same underlying operation - to Separate and create Arrogance.

Religion, Race, Class, Patriotism and all other arrogant notions of dominance and separatism is the actual problem. We must understand as human beings that our religions, races, classes, nationalities, and even fear, greed and arrogance itself are learned associations. They are no more a part of you than the clothes you have on, and you are free to take them off at anytime and discover who and what you actually are.

Therefore, the reality for true Activism resides not only in "divisionary" protests and disobedience as they relate to the issues at hand, but also in the critical analysis of the social environment that is creating the problems to begin with.

We can continue to kill the cockroaches that keep coming into our kitchens, but until we find the hole in the wall or the spoiled food behind the fridge, they are just going to keep coming.

I will have more on this point in the future.