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Ahmadiya is the name given to this group by the Isa/Messiah of this era. He discovered the tomb of Christ in Kashmir, India. His name was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad [1835-1908] of Qadian, India, who wrote 80 books for the guidance of humanity; 'Jesus in India' is one of them, which shall appear a scientific/research paper to the reader, The book tells about the migration of Jesus from Jeruselam [where or close to which] he was tried to be crucified, to the EAST, the phenominah how the prophets of Allah never fail (Holy Quran Almujadilah 58:22). So was the Messiah, Jesus, successful, 2000 years ago. He was on the cross uttering the words, 'Eli Eli lama sabaqtani' O'God, O'God, why have youi forsaken me. This showed from his own mouth a statement that he was not a willing sacrifice to be; and NEGATES the theory of Attonement developed quite after he was gone, by the Churches. On the other hand he was not to die on the cross as the main stream Jews wanted him to [Deut 21:23] to prove his accursed death by the Jewish law. Since the prophet of Allah never fail, he being in a coma was to appear to the enemies 'dead', where as actually he was not. He remained on the cross for a few hours his body was taken by Joseph of Armathia on that Friday being a Sbath eve, and later was in the tomb which was not a grave [yet a small room with circulating air] for 3 days to be cured, till he could walk again [remeber his bones were not broken while of the other two men's next to his cross were]. Bible is full of the 'after curcifixion facts' he met his desciples in the hiding after the date of the so called cricifixion [defined when a man actualy dies on a cross]. He met them in Gallilie while he was on his way to the East to spread his message to the lost sheep of Israelites. Only 2 tribes Juda, and Samaria lived in the area where he was tried to be crucified, other 10 were in the East, enroute Syria, Irag, Afghanistan and India. All those Afghanies are the off spring of the original Jews, the progeny of Jackob whose 12 sons were the base of the 12 clans of Isrelites. Holy Quran in Surat Al e Imran [3:50] also tells that Jesus was a prophet to the Israelites. So if the majority of Muslims mistakenly believe that he had 'bodily' gone to skies to live, and will come back to lead the Ummat [followers of propet Muhammad which is an Ishmaelite progeny], later, then they ESSENTIALLY negate this verse of Quran - could/would/should they? They have no authority for it! Last but not the least, there was a doubting Thomas, one of the 12 disciples of Christ, he, after all his doubts did go and see the hands and feet of Jesus's being with the holes'. So what were the chances of Jesus among the meeting disciples not having the same body, of course NONE. This proves he had never gone to the skies, yet having the fleshy body which needed to eat (the last supper was to tell that he was having the same earthly body till he finally died here on earth; his estimated! 120 years for further reading read a book by J.D. Shams namely, 'Where did Jesus die?'

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