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We⿿re Latinas and Latinos that are proud of our Blackness! This group is about sharing our experiences and beliefs with being ⿿triguena/o⿝ and how this has shaped who we are, as individuals and as a population.

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I personally believe that the overwhelming majority of our people, deny their African ancestry and roots due to their lack of knowledge of our true history. Also we should remember that we live in a world of white supremacy and black inferiority. All of us are descendants of a conquered and enslaved people. The conqueror set up a system and a world in which he made the conquered admire him, love him and aspire to want to some day be like him. The international image of the son of God, Jesus is painted white. The image of his mother Mary is white. The angels are white and everything pure and holy was painted and depicted as being white. But the devil is made to appear black. A black cat is bad luck. " Un dia negro" is a bad day. " Magia negra" is witch craft. " Una mentira negra" is a horrible lie. And the list goes on and on. But this is why we do not want to be associated with black. I am from the Dominican Republic. And my father is from a place called San pedro de macoris. My father is black as an ace of spades. But when i tell him that he is black he says no i am Dominican. Then i would respond, no that is your nationality. Not your race. Then he would say " no i am hispanic" i would say, the true hispanics are from the Iberian peninsula or from portugal and spain. Then he would say " I am latino" And i would say, Latins are whites from rome. Latin is the dialect spoken in the ancient city of Lantium in ancient Rome. You see brothers and sisters, the conquerors have made us to hate ourselves and to love them. But i know that i am black. Black is the essence of all colors. We are descendants of the aboriginal people. We have been on this earth for billions and billions of years. This is why when scientists are searching for the origins of civilization, they do not go to Europe, they go to Africa. Even in Europe we were there before a white man existed. In a few caves in Europe archaeologists discovered paintings dating back 20,000 years. Which were painted by the Grimaldi Negroes that lived in Europe thousands of years ago. Did you also know that Africans gave science, Mathematics, Algebra, medicine, poetry, art and religion to the world. The first physician in recorded history was a black Egyptian by the name of " Imhotep" or " he who cometh in peace". We lined the pyramids up with constellations of stars out in heaven. Do not let the caucasians fool you into believing that it was aliens who built them. They just can not accept the fact that it was us and not them who built them. This is why napoleon blew the nose off of the Sphynx. He could not bear the fact that it was a broad nose like ours. We were the first ship builders and the first map makers. There is a very interesting book by the name of " they came before Columbus" by a scholar and historian named Ivan Van Sertima. It is a dynamite book and is very well documented. It deals with the presence of Africans in Latin America, thousands of years before the Spaniards came to this continent. This was being discussed by the Elites in Harvard, princeton and yale for many decades. I wonder why you did not know? but a reminder of our presence here are the " Olmecs" giant Black heads in Mexico which have the face of Africans and weigh tons. And measure between 9 to 12 feet in height. Also, they even found inscriptions of camels inside of caves in the nevada desert dating back thousands of years. Camels are not native to this area, but apparently someone from the other side of our planet saw them and left traces. Also the Aztecs worshipped a black god called " Nahualpilli" The Mayas had a black God called " Ekchuah" and the cotton which they used to mumify their dead kings is not native to Latin America, but is native to Africa! how did it get here? who brought it here? also the bird in the Mexican flag is not an eagle. It is the secretary bird of Africa. It is the most successful snake hunter because of it's long and strong legs. And it is native to Africa! I wonder who gave this to the Aztecs? Cleopatra was black. Beethoven was black. The first person to successfully perform open herta surgery was black. His name was Daniel h. Williams. He did this in Chicago in 1895. The list goes on and on. But i can not continue writing right now. But we distance ourselves from our African ancestry because we do not know our history and all of the great, great accomplishments of our ancestors. You know that the public educational system gives us a Eurocentric version of history. They make our children think that our history as a people started with slavery in this country or in the western hemisphere. We even taught the dumb Europeans how to cook their food, bury their dead and how to mold steel and even to produce and tame fire. Talk to you soon, Priscilla8



I believe that we as so- called Latinos are not aware of our African history due to our lack of knowledge of our history. This is due to the fact that our conquerors have written all of the information that we receive in our institutions of learning. But when any one speaks of Africa they call it " the mother land" because Africa was the birth place of man. Also the early Africans were the fathers of medicine, poetry, art, music, medicine, and mathematics. Africans in the rich nile valley gave the world religion and the idea of the oneness of God.

We are all descendants of Africans or black people weather we want to accept it or not, it is a fact. I am originally from the Dominican Republic. And I visit my place of birth very often. If some one blind folded you and put you on a plane and dropped you off there, you would think that you were in the Sudan or in Zimbabwe because 95% of the population is black. But the disease of white supremacy and black inferiority has infected everything from politics to religion. We must remember that when the conquerors conqured Latin America, they also conquered the image of god and world history. Today we have a white Jesus, a white Virgen Maria and all the other saints are white. But the devil is black.

Everything that we as so called Latinos know about God was taught to our ancestors by our conquerors. Which gave them two options. The cross or the sword. Either you accept my religion, my fixed bible and my idols or i will cut your head of. This is something of very high importance. Because this is the same false religion that our people are practicing today. Even though they or we have never taken out the time to study it's true origins and the intentions behind those who taught it to our ancestors. The conquerors wanted obedience to them. This is why they gave us an image of God which was identical to them. And they wanted us to hate our selves and our own people and this is why they gave our ancestors an image of a black devil.

All of this was done " en el nombre de Jesus" when our people bow down to these white statues and images, they are not bowing down to Jesus. They are bowing down to herna cortez, francisco pizarro, ponce de leon and cristobal colon.

Also they want to keep us as Latin Americans divided from our natural brothers and sisters from Africa and from black people in America, because the more divided Africa and latin America remain, the more opportunities Europe and America will continue to have to rob, exploit, rule and exploit us. The more divided we are the more they can continue to enrich themselves. Every where that they went they divided our people into different groups and countries. Their global policy has always been divide and conquer. You see, the white man is a minority on our planet. We out number white people 11 to 1. And everyday that goes by, we continue to grow in numbers. They manufactured Aids and kill our children with hunger in our third world countries, but we continue to multiply. According to scientists in Europe and North America, the white race is on the verge of extinction. They say that this is the greatest problem that the white race has ever faced.

In the world there are 20 nations with the lowest population growths. And 18 of those 20 nations are in Europe! The other two are Japan and America. But in America it is the whites that are dying while we are multiplying. According to their figures blacks and hispanics will be the majority in the United States by the year 2040. In 2040 we will out number white people in this country 3 to 1. This is why they are so afraid of us coming together as a people. They know that in unity there is a lot of power. By the year 2050 the world will add 1 billion people to it's current population. But this population explosion will happen specially in Latin America and Africa! but by this same time the white race will loose approximately 150 million people!



News Release
Cimarron Publishers
P.O. Box 6539
Columbia, MD 21045

Cimarron Publishers has finally come out with the second printing of it ground-breaking book ⿿Latino Manifesto: A Critique of the Race Debate in the U.S. Latino Community written by Mr. Christopher Rodriguez.

Originally published in 1998, the Latino Manifesto is a community call to a higher level of race consciousness to truly understand the course of current events such as amnesty for illegal immigrants in the Unites States. Many of the issues discussed in the book are even more relevant today as Latinos are witnessing the rising tide of xenophobia and racially charged debates about amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the country. Mr. Rodriguez contends that Latinos will become the political scapegoat and ultimate losers in the debates on Capitol Hill to wrestle with this complicated problem.

Mr. Rodriguez cites two serious problems in the course of this debate. First, we cannot ignore the underlying fear of many whites of being genetically wiped and overrun by the presence of 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. Secondly, the perception that African Americans are losing job opportunities to foreign labor renders Latinos a political liability to both blacks and whites in this country. Paradoxically, Latinos who have been in the United States for hundreds of years are now forced to publicly prove their cultural and political allegiances in the media to conservative pundits who are fanning the flame of anti-immigrant sentiments on this divisive issue.

The book forces Latinos to look inward and examine its own myths of racial harmony in Latin America by revisiting the history of the Spanish and Portuguese conquest in the Americas and the process of "Hispanization" of people African and Indigenous descent who make up the majority in Latin America. Mr. Rodriguez asserts that this process gave birth to the ideology of White Supremacy that governed European domination of the Americas. Mr. Rodriguez challenges Latinos to re-visit their own history so they can understand the course of future events to come as this debate on illegal immigration intensifies.

Mr. Rodriguez makes the link between how Latinos will become victims of current events if they do not grasp the truth of how the ideology of White Supremacy and European domination impacted its own historical, cultural, and psychological development. Only through race consciousness can we develop the analytical tools to survive the current environment of xenophobia and racism within the U.S. This book is a must read for those who are politically concerned about the future of racial and ethnic politics in this country.

Mr. Christopher Rodriguez is a frequent lecturer, author and professional trainer on issues related to diversity and Equal Opportunity. Mr. Rodriguez is available for interviews and lectures to discuss the book. For further information please visit his website on or write