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give me that old time religeon thats good enough for me

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(title precious promises) location atlanta ga chapel old folks home present deceased grandma dixie wyatt on the piano deceased evangelist jt self singer and preacher and gutiar player kiled by a drunk driver force idea on a bicycle after refuseing to take medication from a pichiatrist who had jt license took saying he can not drive to preach and sing any more the pschiatrist was trying a imitate follow idea of there personal high cocaine mars 410 -961 -2525freinds of the tommy burton mob and chicago mob eddie brigs 813-494-5711 catholic etc idea imitate praying idea of the sandwich bag eyes ideas of there caught sellin me search wallet voice idea of there stalking follows aproaching me when i was a child pamela thomas etc nun ideas of there personal sounds like a personal point idea trying touching and forceing with objects record talk burglery proberbly a bothering wallet follows idea of burglery of my personal behind as a minor teenager of the bringing force idea across the street to some drug dealers follow idea also traveled with evangelist botkins as a preaching and singing team also present janitor and hamonica plyer of the church deceased bro cranour also present aunt wyatt organ player,prophetes,singer, and identical twin sister my mother prophetes,singer minister also present leading song service wayne chadwell and assisting preacher also present evangelist botkins the preacher that night 7.00pm ch verse let us stand for the reading of the word of the lord hereby are given to us great and excedeing precious promises for all the promises of god are yea and amen you may be seated praise the lord isnt god good for showing us the devils eyes of flesh is never satisfied aproaching ? ideas etc want government ideas at 621 spruce dr pine lake ga stalking follows ideas and burglery of there heroin an pot ear talk ideas etc stand reading public library ideas of the devils fortune telling ideas praise the lord gary a colered man in the wheel chair staying there one of the many there lots of trying to talk and makeing differant sounds and trying to wave his hands in answer etc amens and shouts hallalujah could be heard through the chapel today as i look across this congregation i see with my natural eyes hopelessness in a lot of eyes and faces and sadness, despair, cripples wheelchairs , as i walk through these halls to find people to come to this chapel i see a lot of people in beds who cannot get up and walk to church in this place as i pray before these services asking god to heal and deliever make the lame to walk the blind to see make the deaf here and give me the words to say in this service for i know not what to say fill my mouth with your words oh lord for i fill like moses who cannot speak not elequent in speach at all halllaaaalluuujjaahh for i know thou hast created the world and meeeee for whereby are given unto usssss gggggreat and excedeing precious promises i am not an educated colledge preacher or a high schooll graduate for god hath chosen the weak things to confound them that are wise for allllll the promises of god are yea and amen praise the lord church isnt god good with god all things are possible to him that beleiveth ps 37 black pastor walker preached this message in houston tx one of the scriptures illustrated fret not thyself because of evil doers for they shall be soon cut down as the grass that withereth away for all the promises of god are yea and amen somebody say amen hallalujah it looks impossible to the natural eye even to lazarus who craweled and fought for the crumps among the dogs to eat a little but as time went on he was found faithfull and the rich man was not found faithfull for the dogs licked his crippled body and sores hallalujah but he was carried to abrahams inhabitation and king david place of rest and elijah,rest hallalujah no longer to be mistreated of whom the world is not worthy praise the lord isnt god good so as we can see here in the word of the lord if we are faithfull it is counted to us as righteousness for here by are given unto us great and excedeing precious promises for all the promises of god are yea and amen for lay not up on this earth riches where moth and rust do corrupt and where thieves do break in and steal but rather lay up treasures in heaven where none do steal for where your heart is there will you be also so today i strive in faithfullness to lay up treasures in heaven for this life will soon be past and only whats done for jesus will last for eternity for this world is not my home i am just a pilgram passing through for as the preacher stood in the pulpit and preached a sermon at new life assembly in snellville,lawerenceville ga a lot of preacher s aproached him and told him we have a lot of problems and faults and dont feel capable to preach his word today i stand before you feeling the same way but i remember the message just do what god said and he will fix the rest preach the word be instant in season and out of season hallalujah study to show thyself aproved that you may have answer to all men acording to this great gospel for i am not ashamed of this great gospel for it is the power of god for salvation to all that believe for abraham called the things that were not as though they were hallalujah for he stagered not at the natural circumstances around him he stagered not he only had 300 men against 1000s for he belived in what he said i am the lord god and besides me there
is no other is there any other besides me i know not any so today i illustrate these story,s and truth in his word that i might pattern my life after these storey,s and truth that i might obtain salvation acording to saint jn 17th chapter blessed are these who have seen but more blessed are those who have not seen who beleive because of there word hallalujah for glorify them oh god that they may be one as we are one for i know thou hearest me for thou hearest me always so toda y let us strive to be faithfull that we may be found worthy a vesel of honour and not dishonour to be cont