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Advantages of Using Memes in Blog Post

Memes are principally designed to shock and humour. They are always created with an element of fun. These are unique in conveying a message or idea which normally would be difficult. Viewers are easily convinced by a meme as it is different from web pages comprising content, and images. A meme is aptly described as a basic unit of cultural transmission.

Meme creation is typical of a community. Likes and dislikes are strongly represented in these images. It?s comparable to genes except that here ideas are replicated. These are combinations of images or photos and witty phrases. These phrases could be in the form of captions or spoken words appearing in balloons. Just as genes propagate so do memes as they are transmitted from one member of a community to another with some modification at every step. These are created using images or photos of cartoon characters, famous people, mythological personalities, and even animals.

Using memes for publicity is normal as it helps in grabbing attention of viewers faster as compared to other static forms of online marketing. This using of memes for publicity stems from four aspects: its self-explanatory, it transfers information more purposefully, it?s simple to understand, and it?s easily replicable. These features could be put to good use even by bloggers.

For a blog writer it is essential that the number of visitors keep on increasing. This could easily be assured by including memes in your blogs. These images not only increase the value of your site but offer a better chance of interaction. A blog, if liked draws in more followers which consequently increases its acceptability. The possibility of your site going viral across a social networking site is high if it is liked. Insertion of memes is a certain way of increasing viewer traffic to your site. Click here to know how to draw more viewers to your blog.

Self-explanatory A blog is meant to be understood. In many cases it is easier to put an idea across by using images and photos instead of describing it through words. And if these images are in the form of memes, your job becomes easy. Memes would not only help expressing your thoughts in a funny manner but make a blog more captivating. As these images are self-expressive you could even economise on use of content.

Purposeful communication of information This is perhaps the underlining essence of a blog. It is true that many writers create blogs not only to express their feelings but also to convey some important information. It could be information about a place, lessons on operating an application, preparing a mouth watering recipe, or tips to please your girlfriend. Viewers not only love reading such articles but also try to gain knowledge from them. Adding memes serve your purpose of communicating ideas better. Together with information, a couple of memes add value to your blog thereby attracting more viewers. For any online writer it is always advisable to attract as many viewers as possible.

Simplicity Any blog writer should keep matters simple as far as use of language or subject matter is concerned. Memes add a humorous touch to your blog and make it more readable and acceptable to viewers. As these necessarily contain witty captions, or humorous thoughts, an entire blog becomes light-hearted and enjoyable. Even adolescents find them entertaining.

Easily replicable For gaining popularity as a blog writer it is advisable that you get as many followers as possible. This purpose is better achieved by adding memes since they are conveniently replicable. They can be modified as per your liking. The funnier they get the more number of followers you get.

About the author Lawrence Joyner is a Meme member. He is professional writer with an experience of over a decade. His blogs are really captivating and hilarious.