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Would an extra 1000.00 or 2000.00 dollars a month benefit you? People String is built on social networks. How does people string work? ? You can earn money by doing online surveys and regular mail surveys. You decide how many surveys you do per day or week. Surveys are not required ? People String also pays you for referring people to try the email services. You earn a one time bonus for referral and a monthly residual commission percentage from everyone you refer onto your string. ? There is no cost to get involved with People String. The difference is: 1. They pay their users for using their email 2. You can send video emails 3. You can track whether or not the receiver has opened your email. (when and how many times) 4. You can retrieve email that has already been sent and add attachments or text you forgot. 5. You can send a self destruct on emails you send at anytime whether they have been opened or not Link to join

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Welcome to the group. Next step sign up for peoplestring. there is non cost. Once I see you have I will send you all Pertinant info you need. Here is some.

An Opportunity to Earn Money For Free
Do you want to earn extra income from the Internet along with the 'big boys' of the world? If your answer is a loud YES, than join for free =jonmiller
This lens is providing you with very valuable information to do so. Ever heard of PeopleString? Are you ready to learn more ? Lets roll up your sleeves and dive in for more information below.

This lens will cover...

1) Your brief introduction to PeopleString

2) A beginner's step by step guide to start making money with PeopleString

and more...

Contents at a Glance
1. Hmmm...What In the World Is PeopleString?
2. Interview with PeopleString Founder, Darin Myman at CNBC
3. Step by Step Guide for Beginners to Start Making Money
4. Additional Resources

What Is PeopleString?
PeopleString is a social networking site with a surprising twist: it has committed to share 70% of all advertising revenues with its members! Sounds too good to be true, right? But that is what BigString Corp, a publicly traded company (ticker symbol : BSGC) that developed PeopleString believes in - if the members benefit, the company will benefit.

Unlike the rest of social networking sites like Facebook (with 200 millions members and generates in excess of USD1 billion in advertising revenues annually), PeopleString pledges to share the revenues it receives from its advertising sponsors with members. Periodic cash disbursements would be made to members simply by doing what every online user are familiar with:

1) Logging in and using the site

2) Inviting friends to join and use the site

3) Surfing the Internet

4) Using PeopleString email account that has a "self destruct emails" feature. Very cool.

5) Shopping online

6) Receiving and reading emails and mails (yes, snail mails) from the site's advertising sponsors, without any obligations to buy anything.

PeopleString is a very new site and millions of people have not heard about it. I urge you to grab this opportunity and spread the news to your friends and families. PeopleString is literally giving out FREE MONEY to everyone worldwide. Experts predict that PeopleString will take the world by storm and be the next celebrity in the social networking digital world. Interview with PeopleString Founder, Darin Myman at CNBC =vogu5a6EdEw

5) Revenue sharing
6) Free enrollment in Mailbox Cashbox Program. You will earn 5% of what your first level referrals earned and 2% from level 2 to 6.
7) Get paid once a month either through check or your PayPal account. The minimum payout is USD25. If you did not manage to reach this amount, your balance will carry over to your next pay period.

If you choose ENTREPRENEUR package, it will cost you USD200 and you will get:
1) Email account with unlimited storage with POP3, IMAP and mobile access. The account also have email 'self destruct' feature
2) Family or business domain with 20 email accounts
3) Unlimited video email
4) Web IM including AOL, Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN
5) Enrollment in Mailbox Cashbox Program. You will earn 20% of what your first level referrals earned and 6% from level 2 to 6.
6) Web hosting for 5 URLs with SEO
7) Bonus commissions, revenue sharing and leads
8) Stock option plan
9) Get paid twice a month either through check or your PayPal account. There is no minimum payout.

I suggest that you go for free account first and upgrade it to entrepreneur package in the future. Step
3: Complete your registration Complete your registration by entering your personal details like address and so on. Please use your real address. You will find out why in Step 6.
Step 4: Log in to PeopleString and make it your homepage Once you completed your registration, you can start using PeopleString by logging in. The first thing you can do upon logging in is to make PeopleString as your home page. Now, it is wise to do so as we want to take full advantage of PeopleString (hint: more money). Please refer the above screen shot to find the button to click on.

Once you click, another page will load up with a list of browsers. Please follow the instructions accordingly.

Step 5: Mailbox-Cashbox Program The first step to earn money with PeopleString is to enroll in the Mailbox-Cashbox Program. To start participating, click on "Take Your Survey and Enter Your Codes". Please refer the above screen shot to find the button. Once you click, it will load another page.

Step 6: Build your target demographic profile Build your target demographic profile by clicking on "30 Questions to Start Earning Money". This will be your first PeopleString's survey of which upon completion will earn you USD1.50. Follow the instructions on the page accordingly.

Please expect a verification postcard from PeopleString in the next few weeks (depending on location. If you are from the States, you will receive this pretty quickly). The postcard will contain a code that you need to key in to your account. This code is use to verify your address. Please follow the instructions on the postcard on how to do this. I need to stress that you need to complete this step successfully or else you will not receive any future offers (mailings) from PeopleString. Please also note that your income of USD1.50 will not be credited if you failed to complete it.

The mailings will arrive once you completed this step successfully. Apart from this, you will also receive offers through emails.
Mail and email that you receive will range between .30cents and $3.00 depending on where you're from.

To 'activate' some of these mailings you will have to enter certain codes (written on mailings) to your PeopleString account.

Please note that Mailbox-Cashbox is not available in every region of the world due to limitation of infrastructure in certain countries. But rest assured, you still can participate by receiving offers through emails and leverage on that.

Step 7: Invite friends to earn money Now that you have completed your first survey and waiting for that postcard to arrive, you can start building your business empire by referring your friends and families (no, you do not have to sponsor anybody). This step is optional as you still can earn money without referring anyone. But to truly utilize PeopleString's potential, this step will be the most crucial as the bulk of your income will come from your referrals.

Each referral who signed up will earn you USD .50. cents . This income will be your pending earning until that person completes his or her Step 6 above. So please remind your referrals to key in their codes upon receiving their postcards. Otherwise, you will not be credited.

Another bonus is that if you signed up as a free member and one of your direct referrals (level 1) becomes as Entrepreneur, you will get USD $10. If you are an Entrepreneur, you will get USD $40. Refer as many people as you can. If you refer 10 people and each of them refers 10 people down the 6 levels, do the math. Yup, that number is your money making machine.

Step 8: Make some quick cash with People Dollars Another way to make money with PeopleString is by participating in People Dollars. People Dollars are points you earn by completing offers from the advertisers. This is also an optional step but it does not hurt to complete one or two. Each offer will earns you from as little as 3 to 4000 or more People Dollars. One hundred People Dollars will earn you USD1.00. Some of the offers require you to do some purchasing but you do not have to do this if you do not want to. My suggestion is to complete all the free offers.

Now, this is the interesting part:

For members who signed up with free accounts, you will earn 5% of what your level 1 referrals earned and 2% of subsequent levels up to 6th level. If you signed up for Entrepreneur package, you will get 20% of your level 1 referrals and 6% of subsequent levels up to 6th level. You can get lucrative earnings here so do encourage your referrals to complete those offers. That financial freedom that everyone of us yearns for is achievable if we continue to build our network respectively.

One word of caution: before you complete any of those offers, make sure your computer is well protected with anti-virus and anti-spyware. You do not want to download malwares while thinking you are making the next big dollar. That would be an anti-climax experience for anyone.

Eager to accumulate that People Dollars? Where do you click? Please refer the above screen shot.

Step 9: Still make money even if you don't do any of the above (Step 5-8) Yes, you read it right. You can make money without doing any of the above. Why I am passionately in love with PeopleString is because I can make money doing things that I routinely do everyday like checking emails, doing my research online, blogging, chatting and so on. The more I log in, the more I earn.

So do likewise. Do your web surfing via PeopleString. Use your PeopleString email account as often as you can, if not make it your primary account. Access your Facebook or Yahoo Messanger through it. Shop online. Make it as your main portal. In no time you will see your People Points increase.

What are People Points?

People Points are how your % of the revenue sharing will be determined. As I mentioned above PeopleString is distributing 70% of its revenue to its members. PeopleString is using People Points to track how much to reward an individual as they participate in making revenue for the company. Every 100 points is amounted to USD1.00. So, to make it increase, log in as often as you can. Everyday if possible (minimum requirement is once a month).