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is about balancing your body, your mind, you will become happy

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Thanks to Dr. Tom for passing this along to us.

This just out in the Sept. issue:

September 2008
Chopra endorsement sets Zrii apart

When the Chopra Center for Wellbeing announced its endorsement of a
liquid nutritional drink called Zrii, many people were stunned. It
the first product to win an endorsement by the highly prestigious
Center founded by Deepak Chopra, MD and David Simon, MD in 1996.
Obviously, Zrii wasn't just another 'health drink.'

The drink's special qualities were summarized by the Chopra Center in
its endorsement, which categorized Zrii as "a high quality, reliable
formulation of the rejuvenative fruit Amalaki (Emblica officinalis).
Over 100 scientific studies suggest that this fruit, which has been
held in high esteem by Ayurvedic doctors for millennia, has
health benefits. The Chopra Center has been encouraging a daily dose
of Amalaki for over a decade. Zrii provides a balanced, pleasing, and
concentrated source of this nutritive food."

Such praise gained the attention of health practitioners around the
world, including numerous doctors of chiropractic who have always
at the forefront of the wellness revolution. With the current decline
in the worldwide economy making it more important than ever for DCs
position themselves as scientific wellness experts, chiropractors
began requesting more in-depth information about Zrii.

In response, the Zrii Chiropractic Team was founded by Timothy
Feuling, president of Chiropractic Benefit Services. "I thought it
important for doctors of chiropractic to have accurate information
about Zrii and how they can generate a significant stream of income
giving others the opportunity to enhance their health through this
incredible product."

One of the first steps Feuling took was to investigate the health
claims of the drink, which is a synergistic blend of seven organic
herbs and botanicals that have been used in eastern medicine for over
5,000 years, with more than 1,250 scientific research studies in the
last year alone, proving their efficacy.

Zrii contains amalaki, ginger, haritaki, jujube, schizandra, tulsi
turmeric and was formulated by a team of Ayurveda practitioners,
integrative medical doctors and nutritional chemists.

According to Feuling, Zrii is not only a powerful preventative drink
that contains the highest known source of anti-oxidants in the world,
but its ingredients have the following effects on the body:

*** Musculoskeletal health. Helps reduce inflammation and pain
associated with arthritic conditions; maintains and supports healthy
joints; helps increase bone density; useful for fibromyalgia, muscle
pain and recovery following trauma.

*** Brain and nerve function. Enhances reflexes, work performance and
mental activity; enhances memory and mental clarity; supports
and nervous system; increases visual acuity, peripheral sensitivity
and night vision; decreases eye fatigue.

*** Immune response. Provides anti-oxidant protection; has
antibacterial and microbial activity; has antitumor properties;
modulates and enhances the immune system; has antiviral properties;
benefits the skin -- reducing eczema, psoriasis and various other
disorders; supports and helps maintain body temperature.

*** Stress and sleep. Eases the effects of everyday tension and
stress; supports healthy response to environmental stresses; promotes
body's normal resistance function; promotes healthy adrenal function;
regulates the production of cortisol; reduces stress; allows better,
more rejuvenating sleep.

*** Aging and longevity Anti-aging effects by increasing adaptive
effects, supports and maintains cellular health and longevity through
anti-inflammatory activity and antioxidant protection, helps relieve
menopausal symptoms.

*** Anxiety and depression. Elevates mood and spirit; influences
neurochemistry of brain similar to antidepressant medication; can
provide relief from anxiety, panic, obsessive-compulsive and
posttraumatic stress disorders.

*** Blood sugar and weight management. Insulin and glucose
normalizing, blood-sugar and blood-lipid normalizing, regulates blood
sugar by keeping cortisol levels in balance, supports and enhances
proper breakdown of dietary fats, increases energy.

*** Breathing and respiratory. Provides specific benefits to lungs
respiratory systems, inhibits allergies and allergic asthma,
beneficial for asthma and bronchitis.

*** Cardiovascular function. Protects heart; stabilizes cholesterol;
promotes healthy circulation; supports normal, healthy platelet
function and prostaglandin activity; has normalizing effect on blood

*** Digestion and elimination. Supports healthy liver function and
bile secretion, strengthens and supports kidneys and urinary tract,
cleanses colon and promotes healthy digestion, promotes efficient
digestion, absorption and use of nutrients from food and other herbs,
possesses strong anti-ulcer and ulcer-healing properties.

*** Energy and athletic performance. Calming and stimulating at same
time; provides alertness without the stimulating effects of caffeine;
enhances athletic performance and endurance; decreases respiratory
demands during physical activity; helps fight fatigue and increases
energy, endurance, strength, stamina and physical performance; tones
sexual organs of both mean and women.

"After reading the scientific literature about the ingredients in
Zrii, I decided to try it myself," explained Feuling. "I am already
good physical condition, thanks in great part to years of
care, but drinking Zrii made a noticeable difference in my overall
sense of wellbeing, my energy levels and my ability to concentrate."

He began receiving similar reports from other chiropractic patients
and Zrii
, Dave, had similarly impressive results. "My wife
introduced me to Zrii in June," he stated. "I began taking it and
right away I noticed an increase in my energy level and the quality
my sleep. At the time, I was wearing a brace for bursitis on my left
arm and was in extreme pain until a week or two after taking Zrii. I
still am a full-time picture framer and use those muscles daily, but
no longer have pain or need the brace. Also, I've noticed the
I incur playing football and soccer with much younger men heal much
more quickly. I thought old age had caught up with me and was here to
stay. Zrii proved me wrong and I couldn't be happier."

Doctors wishing to learn more about Zrii or the Zrii Chiropractic
can visit www.rickym.restoringyouryouth. com or contact Timothy Feuling at
480-303-1818 or www,

September 2008
What people are saying about Zrii

Bryon: "I had recently started wearing reading glasses when sitting
my computer or reading papers at my desk. When I wear my contact
lenses for distance it messes up my near-sighted vision. A week after
starting to take Zrii I noticed the computer screen was clear without
my reading glasses. I went to the eye doctor and my prescription had
changed from -2.25 to -2.0. When I started with my new prescription,
this made my near-sighted vision even better. I did a search on the
Internet on the ingredients in Zrii because Zrii does not say
about improved vision. Three of the ingredients, Amalaki, Schizandra,
and Haritaki, are used in other countries for treating eyes and
improving vision.

Kathy: "After enduring chemotherapy and radiation treatments for
breast cancer, my energy levels were drastically reduced. I
had a hard time getting started in the morning and making through the
day without a nap. Within two weeks of taking three ounces of Zrii a
day, I began waking up earlier with a clear mind and enough energy to
carry me through my day. My outlook on life was much better and I
a continued sense of well-being. I recommend this product to anyone

Luke: "Going back a few months ago, I gave some Zrii to my mom
she was having great difficulty with hot flashes and such. She was
having 10-12 a day. Back in January, she began taking Zrii and in
about three days she went from 12 hot flashes a day to one! By the
of the first week, she wasn't having any hot flashes! Since that time
she has had maybe one or two over the course of the last few months.
could go on to share several other stories like this one where I have
been amazed at the effectiveness of this product.

Nancy: My 75-year old father James has had many physical problems
surrounding his life. From cancer, heart, kidney, prostate, lung
problems. He started taking Zrii three months ago. Within three days
he started to feel the results. He started breathing better,
circulation was better, numbness in leg is gone. Blood pressure was
better, memory was better, communication was also better. Zrii has
changed his life for the better, in many ways. He is a walking and
talking testimony for Zrii. He is gardening again instead of
bedridden? I believe Zrii will help him be in the best physical shape
he can be at his age."

Adam: "I have had high blood pressure for over twenty years now and
with few exceptions, have never been able to bring it under control.
Doctors have prescribed five different meds, in various combinations,
over the course of those twenty years, to no avail. It has reached as
high as 174/121 and on a good day, 130/90. Two weeks ago, I started
using Zrii (3oz.) on a daily basis and as I do everyday, I checked my
blood pressure. I was shocked with what I saw and tested myself three
times to make sure I was getting a good read. For the first time in
twenty years my pressure was 112/74! The only thing different in my
daily regime was Zrii. I was also noticing that my knee joints, which
were always in pain, weren't throbbing anymore. I attribute this to
the anti-inflammatory properties of Zrii. I'm a believer."

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