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The second Odd and Even Weekend was held during the second to last weekend in September. The even numbered license plates will be the first since the 20th is an even numbered day. The odd numbered license plates will be the second day on the 21st since it is an odd numbered day.

The Vintage Planet project by Pump Space Leases Now! has been designed to work in all countries, rich to poor. The Odd and Even Weekend event is another part of the project, even though it will have humble beginnings it will expanded to fill all countries that strive to lower emissions from vehicles.

Pump Space Leases Now! releases PSLN format to generate usernames for gas stations on twitter .

Pump Space Leases Now! releases format that generates usernames that Gas station can use on Twitter. They will be able to post gas prices to followers in their local area in real time. Can be used in any country by franchised or independent stations


PRLog (Press Release) - Dec. 17, 2012 - Pump Space Leases Now! releases its PSLN format so that gas stations can generate usernames on Twitter. Once on Twitter gas stations can post gas prices in real time to followers.

PSLN format can be used by franchised and independent gas stations and in any country in the world. Companies in industries have for years been developing ways to leverage the connectivity that social media offers. Gas stations are a natural fit and can utilize it to communicate to followers in their areas.

PSLN format has been used to generate a username for Pump Space Leases Now! it is gas604EVan. The word 'Gas' is used as an identifier + Area Code to identify the area where the gas station is located + Direction within the area code to narrow the area + Abbreviation of City where the gas station is located. If there are more than one gas stations in area then the owner adds a digit to the end of the PSLN format. Similar to what businesses do in the Yellow Pages by adding AAAA, only the digits are on a first come first served basis.

PSLN international format is the same as above only the addition of a country code between the word 'Gas' and 'Area Code' is different. ex. gas05604EVan

Gas stations within close proximity have the same gas prices, a gas station owner with a location further can lists lower prices to pull customers to their station.

The Vintage Planet project promoted by PSLN is designed to Make Friends Not Enemies of people that own cars by converting them alternative fuels. While the PSLN format will be used to promote regular gasoline it can be used to eventually promote alternate fuels.

Hello, I have seen headlines highlighting advances in creating ways to bring CNG/Hydrogen automobiles on roads sooner than predicted. The mayor of my city wants his city to be a "green one" by 2050 (1) a realistic timeline given the limited resouces he can devote to this goal. The local high school groups Kids for Climate Action and the Vancouver Youth Sustainability Network (2) want to pressure city hall to put warning labels at gas stations. I also recall a larger, effective regulatory body enacting to have gas stations among other energy sectors under its control to reduce CO2 by 2020 (3). Putting the two city proposals together there is a possibility for local city counsels outside of California to lower CO2 emissions from vehicles in their cities. Local environmental groups can pressure their own city governments to change regulations to require local fuel suppliers (gas stations) to include 10-15% of their capabilities include distribution of CNG/Hydrogen fuel for cars. That 10-15% is an increase of the 10% proposed by CARB. The percentage of CNG/Hydrogen a gas station owner provides isn't regulated federally. Most states don't have a boards at the state level to set and control pollution reduction targets. I've got a mayor who set a goal and a couple of student organizations that have some input to meeting that goal. While the whole state of California is moving towards 2020 with every fuel supplier (gas station) in tow, the rest of the United States can follow, even if it is one city at a time. Already there are CNG/Hydrogen fuel stations set up and can be found using Google,(4) cities that are already on the map can realize a 10% goal quickly. What is going to use these gas stations in 2020? Americans retire 12-15 million(5) cars annually and buy about 14 million new cars (6) according to 2013 figures. Auto Manufacturers are announcing plans to have CNG/Hydrogen cars on the market. The argument "there is no incentive to change to CNG/Hydrogen because of cheap gas" fails when 10-30% of fuel pumps at gas stations must be devoted to CNG/Hydrogen. Americans buying CNG/Hydrogen vehicles at a modest 1% of 2013 figures would put 1.5 million CNG/Hydrogen vehicles on the road by 2020. California is ensuring CNG/Hydrogen car owners can fill-up their vehicles at the states 13,500 gas stations by 2020. (7) C.A.R.B has done the heavy lifting, automakers have added CNG/Hydrogen vehicles to their offerings faster than forecasted. With the implementation of the C.A.R.B plan at city levels it can happen quickly and cheaply. Start a 10 by 20 campaign in your city. 10% of fuel pumps devoted to CNG/Hydrogen by 2020 will reduce emissions in your city. Any local organization that adapts this plan can use it as their own, any national organization may use it as their own, so long as their organization's primary mission isn't environmental. thank you, Jason J. Trudeau Vintage Planet project Twitter: gas604EVan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages /Pump-Space-Leases-Now/1399022 96030873 1. http://www.vancitybuzz.com/201 4/11/gregor-robertson-made-van couver-green-city/ 2. http://metronews.ca/news/vanco uver/1271611/vancouver-student s-push-for-warning-labels-on-g as-pump-nozzles/ 3. http://www.fuelsnews.com/renew ables-weekly-carb-proposes-ext end-lcfs/ 4. https://www.google.com/maps/d/ viewer?mid=z2V7q1oi2b_Q.kHW1nF qlRWI0&msa=0 5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V ehicle_recycling 6. http://www.nydailynews.com/aut os/auto-sales-reach-six-year-h igh-demand-peaked-article-1.15 67645 7. http://www.answers.com/Q/How_m any_gas_stations_in_California

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