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    Friends, Networking

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    February 12, 2001

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    The Social Wh0re

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    Brooklyn, NY

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    Hispanic/Latino, White, Other

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    Colombian, Other

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personal message

If you have facebook, let me know and I'll hit you up.

I`m 6`1" 180lbs, brown eyes / hair, from Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York (NY). I'm Colombian and Greek. I'm single with no kids and I have never been married. I don't wear gold teeth, I don't impregnate teenage girls (sorry to disappoint all of you).

2012 UPDATE:
Anyone still here on MG?!

2011 UPDATE:
Facebook will make all these dinosaurs extinct.

2010 UPDATE:
Just curious how the same ol' thing keeps on going. Sure MiGente looks prettier, but yet the same lousy people are still allowed back in. I wonder how the CEO and/or top brass feel that the representation they created for the latino community is mostly supported by dirt bags, low lives, and girls who cant stop different men from impregnating them on a yearly basis.

2009 UPDATE:
I took a break from MG for a while, only to come back to the same old thing. There are a few of you who make it worthwhile, but I don't think I'll last at this rate. Would it kill some of you to be an overachiever and/or to have some sort of class? I know it sounds difficult to attain one of these, let alone both, but it CAN actually happen! Si crees, puedes! (LOL)

2008 UPDATE:
- Since 2001, I've looked at thousands of pages on MG and I promise you that 99% of you (regardless of the jeans you wear or angles you try to use) do not have a booty that looks like JLO, Vida Guerra, Kim Kardasian, Scarlett, Beyonce, Iris Chachon, Jessica Biel, Kerry Washington, Mayra Veronica, Selena (you get the point). As a matter of fact, most of your butts look like sponge bob square pants.
- If you have tons of pics of yourself in your room doing sexy poses in different outfits, acting like youre a model and youre so cool, then odds are you have no life. If this is what you call living life to the fullest, then please stab yourself in the heart now. The sadder part is that you do this to get an ego boost from suckers on the internet. How about heading out into the real world and see if anyone cares? Odds are they wont. Also, why do you have 25 of the same exact headshot with just a one degree difference in angle each time? That is what is called OD. Stop it! Youre making a fool of yourself.

2007 UPDATE:
MG needs a little more originality in the profiles. Please reconsider what you have written if you have the following on your page:
- I am the most unique person you will ever meet (youre really not);
- Living life to the fullest (chatting on MG, feeding your six kids from five diff fathers, and smoking weed is not living life to the fullest);
- I'm real (sure you are);
- Representing for (insert country here), yet you cant speak, read, or write in Spanish;
- Respect me/Come correct (yet you are half naked on your page, with your %#&@$! hanging out AND your kids pictures on your page right near it);
- I love me a thug papi (if you are over 18 and still feel this way, please kill yourself you pathetic backwards disgrace for a latina);
- I'm mature (no youre not - put some clothes on and cover up your lack of pubic hair having body)

2006 UPDATE:
- Any dudes who swear they are thugs, please realize that taking web cam pics with your doo rag and grills on isnt very gangster. grow up. real gangstas have no time to check notes and play pretend on the internet.
- What happened to all the beautiful latina bodies out there? Even the skinny girls got shirts that are way too tight with a muffin top over their jeans covering their belt. If you dont got it, dont flaunt it. Cover your fat self up or go buy a treadmill and put down the chicharron. oh, and if youre waist is less than six inches from your hips, you certaintly aint "thick".


Outside of all my rants here, I'm a pretty nice guy. Come say hi. LMAO!

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