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HONEST ,DEPENDALE,WELL-RESPECTED GENTLEMAN,U MAY FIND ME & IF I RUN INTO U ,U WILL THEN KNOW HOW IT IZ 2 B LOVED,LIKE UR 1ST TRUE LOVE, ALL OVER AGAIN, do unto others as u want done unto u, i give alot and expect little. I fight for what i believe in, my family&friends are my top priorities .Respect goes a long way if you can handle it. Wisdom comes to those who seek it and take acknowledge of it. Our paths r chosen how we live r lives. If i ever encounter my soul mate, she will then know the meaning of true .GOD put man& woman to live on earth to comfort 1another ,woman was formed from man to cherish,love,honor,and obey .If i should ever find the 1 meant 4 me she will b d luckiest lady alive. 50/50. A relationship is based on ALL THIS Man has d same priorities a woman has. Any MAN can make a baby ,but it takes a REAL MAN to help raise his child, There ain't that many men out there in this world.MAY GOD BLESS ALL WHO READ THIS ,HE IS D TRUE CONQUERER ABOVE ALL MAN . NO MAN COMETH TO THE WORLD EXCEPT THRU HIM . I CAN DO ALL THINGS THRU CHRIST WHICH STRENGHTENS ME SOMEDAY GOD WILL GIVE ME D FAMILY DAT IS LONG OVERDUE, PATIENCE IS WHAT IZ NEEDED 2 FULFILL DIZ...... SOUTH SIDE TEXAS DAT'S WHERE I STAY,ATX DAT'Z WHERE I PLAY...... UN FIRME VATO-- ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ATX ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ -----------------------

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