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    larry cespedes

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    High School or Equivalent

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    Miami Beach, FL

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    Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino

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Hey wassup i'm Larry Cespedes, i'm actully 16 rather than 18 u've probably guessed i look too young to be 18, i put a was 18 on my profile to get more ppl 2 check out my page, unfortuently i cannot change it, so girls that are from about 15-17 i will chat u up 18 and older rarely. i was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba and lived there for 9 years before coming to miami beach, florida however it is very possible that within the next 6 mounths i will be movin bck there because i do not have an american passport and i'm illegaly in the country, however i feel also i need to restore justice to my people. I'm fluent in both english and spanish, i'm 6,3 very tanned skin with broad shoulders and a slim but altletic physique. I'm mulato 100% cuban tlk like, one move like one,look like one.obviously you've probably guessed i don't like america or anyone who supports the goverment. In my views about cubans/latinos i'm quite strict, some people may find me offensive but to be honest i don't give a %#&@$!, one of my beleifs which people take offence to is that i think cuba and my people should be restricted not to leave the country to keep our people/race going, like for example in london there was a cuban festival and all these english people were trying to dance like us, first of all cubans can only dance the salsa and the mambo and that accounts for everybody who is not cuban, my feelings is that they should %#&@$! off enjoy their own culture. Plus all these posh white mother%#&@$!ers up in the white house think that as soon fidel castro is dead they can take over and make cuba capitlist"NOT GONNA HAPPEN" we'll fight do the death to defend our people, i'll say it and i'll say it again i belive in communism and that's the way my countrys gonna stay. On my sweeter side i'm a dedicted sportsman i'm a part time under 21 ameteur boxer, and on the other hand a serious High jumper for also the under 21's my idol for sportsmanship is Javier Sotomayor and joel cassaymayor. I love boxing naturally coming from cuba, brilliant dancer which comes naturally from my roots i do salsa and mambo, i teach my cuban friends cos we all brothers can't teach nobody but my bro's, anyway thanks for your time to visit my page i luv cubanas obviously nobody on earth can move like my people, been out with many treated them all right, however doesn't mean i will go out only with them other latinos i will date but ONLY latinos , i've never had non-latin girlfriends.

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