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    June 25, 2008

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    Mark Gonzalez

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    Encinitas, CA

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My name is Mark. I do stand up comedy. I've always been a performer. Ever since I was little kid I loved to make people laugh. It was always something that just came natural to me. Making people laugh is why I was put on this planet. I started to hone my comedy skills probably around third grade. That's when I remember the teacher calling kids up to the chalk board to solve problems. I figured out early that if I just got up there and started telling jokes or clowning around, the teacher would no longer call me up to the board. I pretty much sailed threw the rest of my schooling with that act. I did a little bit of acting in high school but quit because I wasn't much into what they were doing then. I was all about having fun. I performed Improv/sketch comedy with troupes all over San Diego (That's where I am from) and did that for a few years. It was fun and I enjoyed performing with other people, but nothing beat the rush I got when I first stepped on stage alone, on my own, with my own words coming from my mouth. Stand up comedy was completely different from anything I had ever done before and after that first time I knew that comedy is what I was supposed to do. I perform anywhere, all over the country, the state, in comedy clubs, bars, colleges, military bases even an old folks home once. There is only one thing I love more than doing my comedy and thats my wife and kids, and there is only one thing that I let take me away from my wife and kids and thats my comedy.

"Four Interviews and a Funeral" Everybodies been through interviews, but trying seeing it through the eyes of the person doing the interview. Starring (in order of appearance) Rich Maryn, Aaron Hughes, Vicki Barbolak, Erik Knowles, Mark Gonzalez, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Ray Anderson, Matthew Zint.

Music written/performed/recorded by Bozhi Pan Music

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